Got shipping email: Wait for 8K-X or swap for 5K+?


Im 8kx backer and i took 5k+ as a loan unit (id 164). When 8kx will be developed, ill send 5k+ back (have to pay shipping) and then receive my 8kx (without additional charges from pimax).


Does pimax say backer should pay for the shipment of loaner explicitly? I remember clearly that pimax said they will pay for the shipment, but they don’t clarify if it includes the shipment of returning the loaner.


Thanks for all the replies guys, it’s most appreciated and all of your significant input has helped other people as well.

It seems the only risk here of waiting another year or so for 8K-X is if Pimax is bought out by another company, e.g. Facebook and none of our remaining pledges are honoured. (E.g. if a company bough the rights to Pimax), then they are under no legal obligation to ever send us our headsets, as this is how Kickstarter works. We aren’t ‘buying’ a headset, we’re investing in a company in the hope it progresses the technology.

On that basis I think I’ll hold station and see if Xunshu can kindly offer us an update next week on what is happening with project 8K-X. This should give us 8K-X backers who are unsure which way to turn, more confidence.

Thanks everyone.


Get yourself a loan unit, don’t sit empty handed waiting for the 8K X.

It’s become a unicorn.


Pimax payed to have the loaner shipped to us. I have no idea about who pays to send it back to Pimax. My guess is, that we pay.

I reckon they will pay to send the X to us. But again, that is a guess.


If i were you i stay with the 8k-x and maybe preorder a 5k+ to have until it come, feel like 8k-x will be some time yet but still…


8k-x backer who elected for a loaner in the 700’s backer number here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I’m confident the answer is yes, but does anyone know if they will ask you what you want for a loaner before they ship it?


@Chucksta & @CMM were asked.

If mem serves you have Vega frontier?


Nope, 1080Ti here :slight_smile:


Psst I know that question was for @Cr4zyJ. :laughing:


1080 Ti :sweat_smile:

Edit: now 2080 TI :sunglasses: