GPU Specs (ports, etc)



I ordered the GPU with the 5k+ but was wondering what exactly were the specs (ports, etc.) of the GPU I’d be getting?

Edit. I looked on Amazon and I could get both the Pimax 5k+ AND the 2080 GPU I know that has all the ports I need TOMORROW for the same price I’ve paid Pimax directly and have been waiting for. What’s up with that?


Amazon has a fantastic, industry-defining fulfilment service. Pimax is a startup company with a webstore. There’s no way they could ever hope to compete, which is presumably why they’ve chosen to leverage Amazon where viable.


you ordered and paid something without knowing what it is ?
what says your order ? just GPU ? or it list a particular model ?


It’ a chinese hardware manufacturer called COLORFUL (they’re big in China apparently - biggest GPU manufacturer according to this).

I’m pretty sure this is the card:

Here’s the specs:

Graphics_Card_Model iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Advanced
GPU GeForce RTX 2080
GPU_Code_Name TU104
Core_Clock Base:1515Mhz;Boost:1710Mhz
Memory_Clock 14Gbps
Memory_Size 8 GB
Memory_Bus_Width 256bit
Memory_Type GDDR6
DirectX_Shader_Model DirectX 12.1
OpenGL OpenGL 4.5
Display_Ports 3*DP+HDMI+USB-C
Power_Connector 8pin + 6pin
Cooling_System_Type Air Cooling