Green light, no blue


hi guys,

thanks for helping me get my pimax working with vega 56, its working after the last firmware.

new issue is that the pimax stays on green light instead of blue, doesnt matter what mode etc.

is there an easy fix for this? command line args?

  • Paul

@Pimax-Support @Doman


If you upgraded video card driver try previous one.


Hi, is there a black screen in the headset and the green light that stays on? Have you upgraded the firmware?


I get that sometimes usually when either windows has done an update or nvidia has… Unplugging the USB and plugging it back in fixes if for me usually



yep black sceen, green light stays on. firmware updates havent done anything. is there a new version i should be trying? its frustrating because it took a long time to get working with vega, and now it is useless again.


yeah it used to work for me, but i’ve tried that a gazillion times now. Nothing gets the headset back to “blue” only green or red. Since its going to be months before i get my 5k, id love to have the 4k working now lol


How is it going mow? If it still does not work, please send your issue to our mailbox:
Please be advised.


it works… after i leave it plugged in for several hours now it goes from green to blue. weird.


Same problem here. My led is no longer red or blue, just green, even with my computer turned off.


If amd vega follow thus thread