Gtx-950 for Video only. is it enough ( Pimax 4k)?


Hi all,
Could you please help me.
I have the following comp spec:

  1. processor FX 6300
  2. GPU - Asus strix gtx 950 2gb
  3. SSD for system and etc

Does it make sense to buy Pimax 4K with such computer ?
( i want to see only VR video. No gaming ).
I wish, but afraid that my spec is too weak for Pimax 4K. Help me please to recognise.
Thanks a lot


Processor is definitely good enough.

As for video you will likely need to upgrade.

I would reccommend waiting & trying it as you said your only looking for video playing.


I run video on 525M without an issue. so for you definitely yes.


Right now i am looking VR Video on Pimax 4K with gtx 950.
It woks, but as i dont have any VR experience before i dont know if some artefacts of video because of my bad GPU or its just because "thats how VR looks now on Pimax 4K’.
So my question is:
Do you think i will have any visible improvements in VR Video if i change my GPU from 950 to GTX 1050?
Or its not worth it and it will be more or less the same ?
( i am not considering 1060 and 1070 because these GPU will be limited by my Processor AMD FX 6300 AFAIK)


There doesn’t seem to be much difference between a 950 and a 1050.


I wouldn’t be too concerned aboit your cpu only being a fx6300. I ran dual 7950 3gig cards in crossfire. Artefacts in video is hard to say.

If you can get a 1060 (go with 6g), 1070 or 1650 cheap. I’d say go for it as any of these can be used as a decent place holder if you later upgrade cpu/mobo.

The 1650 will give you acs to turing features.

@bubbleball has a 1070 on an fx8350.


Bottleneck Calculator

Fx6300 16g ddr3 1060 6g

No bottleneck

1070 though has a bottleneck but should still be fine.


Imo it’s a little bit overkill for just watching videos.
The CPU is in general bored, which can be verified by looking at the task manager while watching a video.

Dunno if this helpful at all but I was even able to run Virtual Desktop with the P4K on my old notebook(NV 765M, i7) but probably only HD and not 1440p output. Can’t remember the details and it wasn’t too pleasant.


True enough but would give some headroom if he wants to do more later. & nowadays 1060s are quite affordable.


Sure that would be ideal, but @Nkorobkin doesn’t strike me as a VR gamer.

A used 960 could be enough of a bump in performance(+20%) or a 970 if he wants to go all out.

The 1650 also looks like a sweet deal at +50%.


Thank you! Very interesting caluclator.
But in this calculator there is possibility to specify not only CPU +GPU
but also RAM + Storage/
If to add to this calculator RAM = 8 GB for example, it gives already 30% bottleneck/
(but may be i missunderstood it)


I did my cslculation using a 16g base. So Ram might be a factor. I also used tge 2 lines for Ram

1x 8g ddr3
1x 8g ddr3


Interesting. If I do tge calculation with 1060 3g get a bottleneck around 30% at 8g ram. But 1060 5g at 8g no bottleneck.

A 1060 either way is still a good grab do reccommend though grabbing the 6g version.