Half Life: Alyx will be included for FREE with Pimax purchased Index Controller Upgrades

This woooould be nice as part of Upgrade Plan F except that:

  • I am still expected to pay extra for shipping even though I already paid for it at completion of KS.
  • PayPal is still not available as a payment option.
    (Sorry Pimax, but we have trust issues, and PayPal’s Buyer Protection is the only thing that might convince me to send you more money ever again.)
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As a bonus, if you buy through Pimax you also get to wait until Alyx comes out or later to receive your Index controllers!

This is a fairly important question, someone should probably answer it.

Brian you must have missed the update. Here is a link for your convenience.

To help ensure you don’t miss these updates. Below topic control switch to watching


Always a pleasure dealing with a large established company.

What did I miss? The fact that the comfort kit is on schedule? Looks like the Index controllers are delayed until the end of this month at the very earliest, and knowing Pimax more likely until March/April. Alyx is coming out in March… I wouldn’t put money on Pimax delivering the Index controllers before then (unless they aren’t the ones handling the logictics lol).

Not to mention the fact that no one has answered the question regarding how the game will added to your Steam account. The process is automatic when you buy it through Steam, so how is that process going to work through Pimax?

BTW, index controllers are now available to purchase directly through Valve again (at least in the US), with an estimated delivery time of 4-8 business days.

Yes it’s great that they have them packaged & ready to ship. Instead of an OEM bulk order.

As for Half Life: Alyx? Valve confirmed that this will receive the game. Now sure we don’t know as of yet how this detail will be handled. This detail might not be sorted out with delivery method. At a guess? Might be like when the Steamcontroller first released with a key in the box or might be included in a tracking email.

We will simply have to wait on this detail. Til the index controllers ship not that pressing of a detail yet.

The details on shipping starting with the US & EU seem to be pretty solid with details. But understandably many need to wait & see it happen.

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I wonder what the Pimax packaging is going to look like . Have you used them yet ? Are they awesome compared to the vive wands ?

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January 1st… LOLOLOL

Yes I’ve used them and I’m quite impressed with the build quality and features. Trying different games to see the various use cases for finger tracking and which game might utilize it best. Can’t wait for Alyx to try it on the game they were made for.

I can’t tell if your question about comparison to vive wands is sarcasm or serious.

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That was a serious question . I am hoping the index controllers are much more easier to use for locomotion and turning .

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Looking forward to that Pimax “new box” smell…

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you’re missing the picture where the joystick doesn’t work and its you’re fault for expecting it to.

I’ve never picked up a vive wand and from the sounds of all the negativity surrounding them glad my association with them has been a base station only.

Have you tried the oculus touch controllers as I also own them and love them, but looks like I found my new love. They’re amazing so far. Just got them today so we’ll see how I feel in 2 weeks but the build quality is premium, the layout is logical, and they work perfectly in apps and menus etc so we’ll see.


Ha yea, that’s the first thing I tested and happy to report I have “upward click” on both sticks.


lucky you. My point was that even the super professional Valve make colossal phuck-ups :slight_smile:


Like any other company there’s sometimes a fall from grace but they seemed to have recovered pretty quick from “click gate” without too much drama except for that created by the bigger Youtube streamers. Reminds me of the battery meltdowns that Samsung had to deal with only in that case a much larger phuckup to have to recover from, but they did it in my opinion.

The issues were as big as made out with the 1st version of valve’s controllers. Which they played off & quietly slip a revision fix. The index itself also had the black dot issue of which they simply said it was a non issue & maybe for most that was true.

Samsung had to actually release an update disabling the phones with the battery bombs as many were ignoring the safety recall.

Often needed changes take time to realize what is needed.


… Like HTC? Not sure everybody can agree on that… :nerd_face:

(I agree regarding Valve though)

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i think it was shady to make a statement claiming it was by design. and then quietly fix it and hope the original buyers didn’t notice.

That’s like Samsung claiming their phone were supposed to explode.

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I agree to disagree with Valve.