Handtracking module and how to choose the right headset



About 1 month ago it was possible to order a headset with handtracking module, but now this option is gone. Why? Is this module not good/stable enough? Will it be possible to order it later? Same question about wireless module - when will it be possible to order it?

In addition:
I watched quite a lot of videos on Youtube in regard to different headset versions, but am still confused.
Do I understand it correctly that 8K was massively improved due to some tweaks in PiTool? But which version can be commonly considered as “slightly better than others”? 5K BE ODER or something else?



Any help is appreciated here. @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support


We are always trying to improve the lens profiles of all the devices among other things. But as to which device is better - I think all would agree that is clearly subjective as each have strengths in certain tasks.

On the handtracking module that should be back up some point soon after the holiday.