Happy For All Backers


I hope you guys and ladies enjoy your headsets. I hope that we can work to get some better performance optimizations out of it rendering wise.

I just watched @SweViver’s benchmark on 2080 TI, and the power you need for these HMDs is insane.

My whole build and CV1 cost less than the 2080 TI. More optimization will be great for everyone.


Gonna go and watch that vid now, but I think I will be waiting for the next gen cards before I upgrade again. Gonna probably need that for the 8KX!!!

Just get my coffee, then it’s SweViver time!


If the 5K can’t be handled properly by RTX2080ti, the 8KX should be delayed for 3-4 years before the consumer hardware is ready for it. Optimizations are much needed since there’s no hardware that can handle it fully at the moment.


8K-X has always been a placating piece of marketing. As of yet, it does not even exist, and if it did, you are 100% correct that no GPU could even run it.