Hardlight VR suit


As for now, I can judge on the comfort

For whatever reason , whatever of the suit is over my shoulders, hurts. The left pad of the suit. I am not sure if it is something related on the way I wear it or else. I sent an email to the hardlight customer service to get an answer , but they did not reply yet.

Also, I am curious about the wireless module. I have ordered it with the suit , but I am not sure if it is integrated with the suit or if it is a module. This weekend I will test the suit and share more hopefully.

What struck my first impression, was the not being comfortable…hurting


Any updates ? :slight_smile: Really interested .


I have tried it yesterday for the 1st time . I have tried to play Sairento VR which is 1 of the few games supported by hardlight vest.

The vest for now is not wireless because they did not send me the vr module, so i have two 5 feet cables running from the back of the suit. The power cord and the usb cord that go to the pc.

It seems that the vest has

  1. haptic feedback

  2. upper body tracking

  3. some sort of sound feedback

The only thing I was able to try is the haptic feedback of the vest that comes from the game I was playing. For whatever reason , when I turned on the tracking , the haptic feedback was not working and that is before the game was even started. I am not sure if the game Sairento VR has both upper body tracking and force feedback. I do not think it does. But again, the problem with activating the tracking and the haptic feedback getting disabled , might be either of me not knowing how to use the vest or a problem with the vest software. There is no manual and there is no support. They still have to write me back with an answer to my 1st email.

The amount of vibration you get from the vest , is a little bit more than the vibration you feel in the hand with the vive controllers.

U do not feel huge hits, but only virations.

We need more games compatible with the vest, otherwise the vr gadget remains limited to a few games for its use.

The vibration is there. The vest with vibration does what should do…vibrate.
Is it a groundbreaking experience? Not really. Imagine sticking some motors that vibrate as the vive trackers vibrate and that is what is about.

I would like to use the vest for also its body tracking , but I am not sure what program or game would allow me that.

The hardlight vest needs better customer support and some sort of interaction between customers to share the usage and the experience with the vest.

I am not sure how to make work the sound output.

Who I am going to ask help to?



I was trying to make you hear the sort of vibration you would get. Try to translate the noise to the vibration on your body


Yeah hopefully it does more. As we have had immersion vibrating sound vests back in tge late 80s early 90s.


It does not sound much different than what this vest does. But what other upper body vests on the market from competitors do that it is different than what this vest does ?


Not sure to be honest. I know the ones from years ago simply worked off sound input.


This suit vibrates based on the game interaction. So probably that is the extra that this suit has compared to the ones in the past.
There are other competitor upper body suits I think that have been developed lately or are in developing


By the way, what I do not undestand is why the inside of my suit is not soft like in this picture…



Hello Marco, could you try Hardlight VR with battlefield, destiny, call of duty… in audio mode ?
Do you see differences with sairento ? For example less localization of vibration.
Now, is changed something with the comfort of the vest ?


Ciao Fabrizio. I have no idea how to use the vest in audio mode with those games. There is no instructions that came with the vest and the email support (so far) is non existent :frowning:

It seems you feel localized vibrations when hit by weapons or bullets but it is not like big shock, it is more like a vibration maybe 2 times stronger than the vibration u would feal in the vive controllers.

The comfort of the vest is not that great and I have no idea why they sent me a vest that seems with little soft parts compared to the one in the picture that I found online


Hey, @MarcoBalletta sorry to hear it’s not quite where it could be.
Thanks for sharing your inside!
I was also wondering why the west has no “inside” to give you more comfort - did they forget that step for your vest?
Also, I hoped that the “impact” of that vibration would be better as you describe it - more like an impact…
Worst is that the support is not there - could be so much different just giving you an answer to the questions…
I hope it turns out to the best for you!


Would have hoped it would be a bit more like this in the reactions caused:

Edit: Sorry forgot its the https://teslasuit.io/
and direct to the suit itself
I remember that @VoodooDE might have some insights to this suit.


Yes, the teslasuit is my Next purchrase .
Hopefully the price woupd hot be crazy.

With the hardlight vest , u can feel vibrations, not the impact. That is why the vest feels pretty basic.
Also , so far, it seems that the customer support is non existent.
So far I am not impressed at all .
Without support, it feels like a dead product despite it is a new vr gardget


Still no answer from the support email that the paper inside the shipping box of the harlight suit, suggests to write to


Yes I tested the suite as well.
Pretty cool but they need to support the games, that will be the problem (as always).



From the photos of Marco is the internal part of Hardlight suit the same as yours ? So do you have a comfort issue. ?
Has Hardlight Suit an audio mode for games like battlefield, destiny, call of duty… ?


Nope, the Teslasuite I tested was completely different, inside and outside. I didnt have any problems with comfort.
However its strange to wear it directly on your skin.


This is the main problem with all this gadgets. Very few games support them :frowning:

The tesla suit will be super cool, but how many games would actually support it?