Hardlight VR suit


Too bad :frowning:

What am I going to do with the vest now ?



Tough luck, man. But you are on the brink of some very good material. I hope your own income doesn’t suffer because of this. Because KS is usually a hit or miss business. You still have the vest, though not the inner padding you hoped for. It might help judging other KS projects though. Don’t consider it a loss. I’ll be happy to hear from your experiences with Pimax 5K+/8K with KatWalk mini. And captogloves… and…


I did not take part to their kickstarter campaign. I purchased the vest from their page. They listed it as available for sale and at a lower price compared to the initial price.

Also the wireless module was for sale on their product page and I bought it with the vest.

Actually people from this happening to the hardlight vest , should understand how much pimax is giving , compared to other kickstarters and compared to companies/ppl advertising a product for sale as it is available when instead it is not…



That definitely looks like false advertising.

Further development will hopefully. Work through opensource community but may take awhile. Tpcast is said to work better with tge opensource version on their driver/program.


Yes true. I used both the tpcast drivers and the open source is way better.

Hopefully someone will develope an open source software better than the one that came with the vest.

About the wifi module, the problem is who is going to manufacture a wifi module for the vest :frowning: ?


That unfortunately might never come to pass. :sleepy:


The software is hot working properly either. The whole upper body tracking is not working/active. The vest is useless without those fixes and also without a wireless module it limits the purpose of the vest


A waste of money :frowning:

So annoying that they advertised for sale what was not produced yet and had issues


Agreed. Didn’t they even decrease the price from the ks one to boot?

But yeah we should all be more thankful that pimax seems to have things together in comparison.


Yes. I bought it when the price decreased.


I’m already on it to create a wireless solution with a powerbank and a mini router. What i still have to manage is to mount every part together to the vest.


That’s awesome! HackAday may have useful projects on this as well.


Great! Thank you so so so much!