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Is the 6600k an i5 or i7? On the i5 6500 had what you described in games with heavy aliasing & such on the 1080ti. But your Overclock is considerably higher than the 6500(non k) & your ddr4 memory higher than the 2400mhz I had in that system.

Pimax brainwarp technology
What is your most impressive experience demo with the new Pimax?

its an i5. I remember your findings back then when you upgraded. I’m in doubt if it is my processor.
Why did the aliasing go away do you think with the processor?


Hmm I too have an 1080ti but my CPU is a 3750K i5, would that be the issue?

Can’t upgrade on the mobo anymore so new mobo, new cpu, new memory, might as well buy a new case and new psu because I need to sell the old stuff.


From what my friend whom owns Extremepc.ca said for 4k at high hz you want 6 cpu cores(threads).

After the upgrade pics that I posted that were strongly Aliased were fine.

But granted I did a big upgrade. Would have been sufficient with the r5 2600x.

But your memory is stronger than my 2400 at 3000(@cdaked rec I think 3000). The new system 3600.

SteamVR auto global SS rec 16 or 20% where the r7 2700x went up to 40% base recommended.


oke i forced it manualy to 40% recommended is 20% but then there is big qualityloss.
Maybe i will switch to amd en use the same memory, but i did not plan to upgrade so i got to be sure it’s the problem.
Skyrim and Aerofly fs2 are sharp and free from aliasing. i can them cranck it up to 200% app SS.
Is it correct smartsmoothing does not work in ED?


I hear you there. Just keep in mind if you have a friend with an i7 or Amd stronger cpu with 1080ti can be a good way to test before upgrading.

As for ED would need, other ED players input.


Your CPU seems a little underpowered. You might want to use these utilities to check your performance. If you see something amiss in UserBenchmark, click the “? inside a gray circle” icon for suggestions and more info.

. https://www.userbenchmark.com/
. https://thebottlenecker.com/calculator


Thanks, yes i’m concerned about that, and it runs a hotter with pimax 70-75 C
I have tried the online one, bottleneck is 32%. So does that directly correspond with 32% performance gain when i upgrade?
I can upgrade up to 7700K(overclocked it doesn’t bottleneck) with my motherboard, but the cpu has a price of 350 euro retail.
An amd ryzen 7 1700 only cost 166 euro and does not bottleneck with standard clock. With a Asus motherboard it would be around 250 euro and i could use my ddr 4 memory with it.
@Heliosurge as an AMD guy :slight_smile: can you recommend this CPU?


My memory is not very accurate. I checked my previous test results. 76 fps is on the stock 9900K, ZOTAC RTX 2080 Ti, 36G DDR4-3600, Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite mainboard. Pitool 1.0, SteamVR 60%, 2984X2549. Then I overclocked 9900K to 4.7G, and the FPS jumped to 88.9:

Still I think your rig is close to my rig before overclocking, and 1080Ti is roughly the same performance as 2080Ti.


With the system i have it’s only buttersmooth on 64hz if i go higher then medium settings even on 64hz the buttersmoothness is gone :slight_smile: so it’s the sweetspot for me.
EDIT to anwer your statement about roughly the same performance i disagree, 1080TI vs 2080TI 6600k Vs 9900k. It’s a big difference, if that isn’t the case why would you spend a few thousand on your rig


From what I have read the Ryzen 7 1700 might do well indeed for price point & power. There are some users here with the Ryzen 1000series.

The good if you put money into the MB chipset 4series you will be in good shape if you later eant a Ryzen 3000 series or 2000series once price drops more.


Thanks, good plan, will current motherboards support the 3000 series also?


Check out that mobo price on the Biostar compared to crosshair



big difference, is it just as good? and will it support future amd cpu’s. Sorry i build my system a few years ago and didn’t follow developments lately


It’s a AMD Socket AM4:
" AMD has promised AM4 CPU socket compatibility until 2020 for all its Ryzen processors. That means you should be able to use any AMD Ryzen processor on any AM4 motherboard, providing AMD’s customers with a solid upgrade path in the future."


Nicee, i will be back with amd.
Will go with a cheap cpu for now that won’t bottleneck my GPU and upgrade later if needed.
Pimax is baking my CPU at the moment so i don’t know how long that will last


I’m in the exact same boat with my i5 3750K and 1080Ti card


It should as @Pimel has said based on Amd’s release. And unlike Intel usually Amd is solid with Socket support. Where as Intel for example Skylake & Kabylake are compatible; but with Coffee Lake same socket but not Compatible.

Just with any board you consider checkout reviews & features. AsRock for example also usually has good boards for price & performance.


Yes i will check reviews, man there is so much choice. maybe the msi x470 gaming pro is good. its only 130


If you don’t mind a bit xtra the Asrock board here looks good.