Hardware CPU GPU Mashup


You might want to bring up TaskManager and look at the CPU usage. If 1 core seems to be running at 100%, verify that PiHome is unchecked (on PiTool General page). It has a bug which eats up CPU time.


thanks, i unchecked Pihome frome the beginning, i did read it was cpu consuming also.
But i will upgrade, just sold my Lenovo, and got 100 euro from a good friend with my pimax for upgrades, for my birthday :slight_smile:


i went for the asus X470 Prime Pro. Good reviews and i have asus motherboards for years without problems,for the CPU, Ryzen 7 1700, best value for the money it seems and will get rid of the 32% bottleneck. I hope it will work out i can return it within 30 days


Awesome congrats! Something if I read right is AsRock used to be owned by Asus at one time. But yeah Asus boards are typically good with not too many problems.


Thanks :slight_smile: i will let you know how it works


A 1080 Ti should be roughly the same performance as a 2080 (non-Ti). The 2080 Ti should be ~20-30% faster.


It’s only theoretical. The potential of 2080Ti is not fully realized yet. For now they are indeed roughly the same. In some tests the scores of 1080Ti is even higher.

In my test 2080 Ti is 20~30% higher than 1080, not 1080 Ti.


If you want to go for “cheap” Ryzen consider R5 2600X (has better memory interface than the “first Ryzen”) and check this post for some other tips: I built a new PC for VR on a budget (kind of)


oke thank you, i didn’t notice the topic
I did compare them, indeed for gaming the 2600X is a better option, i did read also about the memory speed limit. So i change it for that one, bought the MAX version it has a better cooler for overclocking. Thanks again voor the tip.


did the upgrade today. The perfomance gain isn’t spectaculair, but the processor(r5 2600x with max version fan) is keeping cool now ingame 50 C. and fpsvr is showing good results. CPU usage between 10-25% in ED and Aerofly fs2 and my 1080TI going over 90% so the limitation is balanced to the videocard now. Elite dangerous is looking better now also, its getting sharp.
The only thing with both cpu’s is i get sudden spikes in the thread % to 100%.and it gives a small stutter, with the 6600k it happened more often. Can this be a pitooldriver bug? i’m using the latest beta.
Curious to know if more people have this.


Ensure you install the amd power profile.

The spiking if in fpsVR have seen that on the r7 2700x as well. Likely a bug between pitool & Nvidia


Good to know, sure it will be fixed. Is the amd one better then asus ai suite? i’m used to that one. I already gained some performance with a bit of finetuning 4.1 ghz and it stays under 55 C. With the old processor aerofly fs2 with custom maps was smooth with 64hz(and cpu running hot) and now buttersmooth with 72hz with ultra settings in stead of medium on ORBX maps. So i cant complain with this upgrade for the price, @Pimel i can recommend this(R5 2600x max) for a cheap pimax upgrade


Not sure. But with the x processors they auto boost vs cooling ability. Similar to Nvidia gpus.