Hardware IPD mod


Foam removed. You can see i have modified the cover to expose the lens holder screws.

@lukeb has posted a dismantling video & his focus mod


Pics of lens removed

@sjefdeklerk can explain this better as he has modified his.

As you can see the 3 tabs that the screws are countersunk. There is also a ridge that the lens holder fits over.

With the shroud off you will be remove part of the lens assemble to where the shudder glass sits.

The section where the lenses screw into will need to be modified. The ridge would need to be removed and the tab counter sunk sanded/filed down to allow it to pivot.

However i am wondering if the countersink is 2mm as i recall luke bumped his out 2mm. If you can find longer screws this might work with spacers. The ridge however would still need to be removed.

The shroud you will need to shave the extra circumference to bump ipd out by.

During the mod process just after disassembly put the headset in a ziplock bag til your ready to reassemble.

A couple of pics of the lens


Thanks a lot @Heliosurge , just spent the whole evening trying to figure out a workaround for this. Tried to make the lenses sit at an outward angle putting some spacers under the screws closer to the nose, to compensate my wider ipd. Even though my sight seemed a little bit more relaxed, this resulted in smaller area of focus. In the end I have put it back together as it was originally. Bricked and debricked the headset few times during the process. Not sure what causes it to flash red/blue while playing with internals. I guess there is no other way than brutally cutting out the ridge and figuring out the way to move the lenses apart by few mm. Iā€™m far-sighted btw.


There is an intrusion sensor. The headset needs to be not powered during the time its dismantles. Probably good ro try & power it up via power button while unplugged to help discharge stored energy.


Why the shit did they implement an intrusion detection? I hate stuff like that. Just put your device out on the market and focus on a better new product. Let tinkerers tinker. You might learn something and make more money later.


Its just a photocell as long as its not powered while disassembled your fine & its not hard to reset the firmware. But yeah not really needed.