Has anyone found more distortion in v1.0.1.95?



I notice that it will see some jittering distortion when turn around while old version, it is only be distortion (geometry distortion).

Or it will see the distortion at the center like a some distortion plane is in front of you, because it look the image is split to be 3 parts by some vertical distortion band.

I test by friut ninja (found in steam home too), but ever notice since the pimax home (big planet). Remember that some member said that he can see 4 section images for a period when start the headset.

I tick parallel projections, will tick out and try again.

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Yeah I saw that for the first time today (after update)


If anyone has fallout 4 vr, please test with tick parallel projection.


Noticed this issue in Assetto Corsa and PC 2


@Sean.Huang Try to check the new rendering, thank you.


I also have noticed the same thing. it’s a weird vertical distortion band in the center of each eye. it almost looks like you have two screens per eye. Extremely annoying


Well that’s definitely not ‘distortion’ but some rendering bug causing 2 vertical blurry stripes, dividing the screen in about 3 equally big parts. And yeah that 's definitely a bug introduced in this new version, I’ve seen it too, it happens every now and then and you’ll only see it for a moment @Dallas.Hao


fallout 4 vr is different of 3 part issues, the center is clear, but edge rendering is blur and always jitter.


I noticed that today as well but only for a short moment when some heavy framerate drop occurred so i assumed it was performance related issue with the renderer… But apparently it’s not? Weird indeed!


Yes, I think so. It relate to framerate. But old version is better.


its vertical tearing and performance related.


What do you mean performance related? I never had it before this new update. I played hours of Elite and Lone Echo. No tearing


Yeah it’s definitely something that was added in the latest version

3 hours with 5K+ Impressions

it was introduced in 95 yes but it is normal screentearing just vertical instead of horizontal. so if you have rock solid 90fps you wont see it but if the framerate dips its there. I think it will be gone with the next update.


It didn’t happen in 91, and now it happens? My rig is 8700K+2080Ti. It shouldn’t be happening. It’s something they changed.


yes they will fix that if they can with the next update.
the 90hz sync somehow changed and led to that tearing I guess.


I just tot nu hmd and i have distortion
Also up en down. Am i doing something wrong maybe?


wrong eye distance by face pad thickness.


Hold the pimax with your hands in front of your face. Then press it against your face, then pull it away slowly and watch the distortions. So you will see if you need a thicker or thinner cushion.