Has anyone found this issue? Black screen or show one eye only



Sometimes the game is dead and it show black screen.
I have to quit all and try to open all again to make it work.

Sometime, the headset show only image on one eyes, not sure what happened.

I just installed the KatIO of katvr mini and not sure that this make conflict to the headset or not.


I had this problem only once, after restarting PiServiceLauncher everything was back to normal.


Black screen or one eye?


Picture in one eye and the other screen blank but to clarify it was present when I started my computer and turned the hmd on. It didn’t suddenly happen during use.


I never found this issue before, I am thinking because the new Pitool or not.

Or my cpu working too hard (100%)
I found this issue since I test to change the default_image.jpg