Has Anyone Tried Using Vorpx With Their Pimax 8k/5k?



Hi Marco, as quanentanglement said, RE 2 R-V is made with the same engine as RE 7 ( https://www.vorpx.com/supported-games/ ) you can check the official list of supported games. :sunglasses:


Thank you guys!

RE 7 profile worked and (Z-Normal, Z-Adaptive) are active and working fine in RE 2 re-vive.

Geometry 3D instead has some issues because the image kind of overlap between the 2 eyes in the pimax headset.

Have any of you tried ?


Hi! what vorpx profile did you use to make g3d working for re 2 re-vive ?


Nice to hear you were able to get RE 2 remake working using the RE 7 profile with atleast z-adaptive working. I never played the original so this would be interesting to try first in VR. If you find a solution to get it working in g3d that would be even better. :+1:


I wish! I do not think I would be able to figure out how to unlock g3d. :frowning:


I was able to get my vorpX key today and so first thought I would try RE 7 today and remembering what it was like when I first played it in my other headset. There is a difference and I had to make many adjustments to get it to run acceptable with the Pimax but I think I succeeded and it seems acceptable to play this way. The first time playing I used the vive controllers with the vive hmd. This time tried vive controllers with Pimax 8k but decided to use an xboxone gamepad. I think I like it better. If anyone is interested in trying this game and would like a few suggested settings let me know. Playing as before using G3D. You also need to run it in parallel mode I found on the Piimax 8k.


Thank you!
I have the psvr version of re7 and I have the katmini to walk in the game in the psvr though I was not able to try it yet because katvr sent me an obsolete adapter for their kat mini and hence it was not compatible. They will be shipping the adapter to me after their new year holidays.

I can use the captogloves for re 7 both for the pc version and psvr version

I am looking forward to play re7 with hands and walking in the game :slight_smile:

I wish that 1 day we would get the vr pc version of re 7 with roomscale


Hi Marco,

RE 7 is the only game I have ever noped out of at one point and I like these sorts of horror titles and have gamed for many years. That is the only game that I ever took my hmd off and said no. No this is not good for an aging heart. One thing is playing with the Pimax the “in your face” immersion is up level 10. Interested in hearing your experience with the kat mini and the captogloves. I backed the cybershoe kickstarter always hoping that someone will have a breakthrough for walking in VR in the most natural sense. Maybe these inventions are just the start.


Those gloves look pretty responsive, one finger or each individual digit control tied different functions. I wondered how they would work thanks for sharing the video. I would have thought it was just grip or loose grip functions. Impressive.


You can assign Keyboard strokes or mouse movements or else to hand gestures (finger bending , thumb pressure, hand movements).

They connect via bluetooth with the pc and I have used cronusmax to connect the gloves to the psvr. Then captosuit is their software that allow to assign function to your gloves

They have an incredible potential a little bit limited by the firmware and captosuit in continuos update and little buggie with advance functions. I am trying to use their captosensors for walking in place in any games but I can’t seem being able to make work advanced functions as gioroscope, altimetry etc


Nice and neat that your experimenting as an end user. Sounds a bit like Pimax incredible potential. I guess another thread could be started on this subject alone. Asking how these would compare with the Knuckles Controller or Pimax’s controller. Maybe existing side by side having more usefullness in certain areas.


Hi Fresco, unfortunately I am having so many problems with captogloves lately with their firmware and captosuit . So much potential in those gloves ruined by so many problems they are having in optimizing their firmware and suite. It makes their gloves almost useless.

I wanted to try to use the captosensor on my ankles and use their accelerometer function , but nothing, there is problems in even calibrating the sensor …
Then I am thinking to use their bending sensors that they have in the gloves , to build some sort of shoes so that I can bend the feet and I can assign wasd commands , but again, in the last week I can’t even have their finger calibration work anymore . So upsetting and frustrating . I am waiting for 1 year for captogloves to have their steamvr driver finished and nothing …nothing is ready.

Would at the moment suggest ppl to buy captogloves or any glove?

Nope, not at all.

They all promise and none delivers.

The last useless gadget are those vrfree gloves.

At the moment , I am upset by any glove will all their false promises that come with any glove


I bought CaptoGlove and is currently waiting for the 8K HMD.
If you have successfully connected CaptoGlove with the HMD, please explain how.
In particular, I am wondering how to configure Pitools and SteamVR


Hi. Unfortunately the captogloves do not work yet in steamvr. This is why me and another consumer that bought the captogloves too, are trying to figure out a workaround though the leap motion sensor and driver4vr. I am having problems though with the pimax + leap + driver4vr and i can not make it work.
The other person I know , managed to use captogloves + leap + driver4vr but he owns an oculus go , I think. He is not completely happy of the result becasue of the leap motion having hard time to track hands with gloves on and also because of the buggy firmware and software of captogloves that makes problematic the function assignments becasue of not being that responsive.

I have no idea when captogloves will release the drivers for fully integrating their gloves in steamvr. It is more than 1 year that I am waiting for them to release the driver. Maybe the 3 of us together can keep asking them but if they are not ready, that would probably not change :frowning:
It is frustrating .

What headset do you have at the moment?

Maybe you can start experimenting the captogloves with leap + driver4vr on your current headset , and see for yourself the result


I found the following article on Captoglove Home Page.
“For VR/AR: Adding a new dimension to virtual and augmented reality, CaptoGlove works with all existing head mounted displays such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows MIxed Reality and content in Steam VR (Open VR driver to be released in July 2019).”

in July 2019…


Have you tried using NaLo with feet trackers and using that setup but walking on the Kat Mini just to get the walking-effect that the Kat Mini has rather than the walk-in-place that the NaLo on its own does?


2 things about locomotion and what you are asking

  1. unfortunately nalo does not support yet non native vr games played through vorpx , games that require the wasd to move. It supports only vr games.

  2. I could try nalo on the katvr platform for vr games, but the point of nalo is also to be free and move in room scale (your play area) if you want and then move long distance by walking in place. If I step on the katvr with nalo , I lose the possibility of using room scale /move for short distance in my play area.


Didn’t realise NaLo didn’t work with VorpX, thats a shame, I expect they will add support later though as they do update a lot :slight_smile:

Yeah I have no interest in room scale, the question was more aimed at using the walking motion of the Kat Mini with games that the Kat Mini doesn’t support by using NaLo as a workaround :slight_smile:


I spoke with the person at nalo and he said that they will add gamepad support (which is better than wasd), but when he has time to do it.

I prefer nalo at being stuck on a platform .

Nalo walk in place requires lifting up and down your feet (vertically) . I am not sure if an actual walking movement that you would mimic on the katvr platform while wearing vive trackers and using nalo, would be picked by nalo to be steps. I need to try.

None of the locomotion system is perfect , this is why I am trying to get them all to used them based on the games .

I am making my own shoes with bending sensors to walk in place for any non vr pc games and non vr games played in vr through vorpx and for non vr games of consoles and vr games of ps4vr

I have nalo for walking in place for vr games

I have katvr for some other games

I am a backer for cybershoes

I am a platinum backer for walkovr

I have a 3drudder (I still have to unbox it)

I have wii balance table (I still have to unbox it)

None is perfect and have limitations

I have my own preference in vr, which is having a vr experience where I do not feel an animal chained on a restricted platform but being able to even lay down or do whatever crazy movement in room scale.

If I would be on a restricted platform playing vr , it would be because I have no other option and for that specific game it would be the best experience I could enjoy the game, compared to the other options above


Please do make a post, or reply here when you get a chance to test NaLo+Kat Mini for NaLo games.
I Personally think it will/should work as you are still lifting you feet up and down on the Kat Mini except your moving your foot forward to take a step rather than not as with NaLo on its own.

I’ve seen the 3dRudder and Cybershoes too but neither interests me and WalkOVR is just NaLo+foot trackers except that you lean sideways+step to strafe rather than have your feet face left/right as with NaLo.
On that note I spoke to the dev of NaLo and he said they tried the lean-strafing method many times when creating NaLo and found that their current method works better and lean-strafing leads to motion sickness… I’ve strafed while leaning and walking in place with my PSVR and found it doesn’t but he doesn’t seem interested in giving the option for it in NaLo :-/