Has Anyone Tried Using Vorpx With Their Pimax 8k/5k?



Nice you seem to be really into the whole walking around thing. It would be great if you could give us a run down, at some point, of which systems you prefer and why along with the pros and cons etc etc.

I was aware of cybershoes and katvr ( katvr is far too expensive for me) but didn’t know about Nalo or walkovr.

Have to say walkovr and cybershoes seems to most interesting to me. Cybershoes for game you play sitting down but still use your feet to walk forwards.
Walkovr looks really interesting for people like myself that would like to burn calories while gaming …it sure beat sitting on your backside for 4 hours anyways…lol

Would be very interesting to see what you come up with and get an update on, “I am making my own shoes with bending sensors to walk in place…” too!


Hi @Cal


I am optimizing my own diy WASD shoes idea to use for any wasd input pc game and for any console 's game.

I am tying using complete different sensors from the captoglove and i am getting help from the vendor of the sensor to fine tunining the walk and run inputs.
It is taking some time. They are being great and interested in the use of their software and hardware for the walk in gane idea.

The other diy wasd shoes/set up i have made, works on captogloves sensors and suits/program, but the software of captogloves have some bug and the running is not completely smooth. It works but i want better results for an easier way to run.

I am looking forard to walkovr. We would know more by the end of this month. It should be really cool. For sure it will work for vr games. Not sure yet abour wasd and console’s games. We will see. It seems walkovr should work with wasd input too. I am so excited about it. I backed it.

The katvr has limitations . I can not play any game i want but only games supported by katvr . I can not add my own library of games to test with the katvr. Katvr import only games from steamvr.
Also the cansole’s compatibility is limited for now to just 2 games and katvr does not support at all wasd inputs.
Also with katvr you lose room scale and you are struck on a platform

Cybershoes look cool. I backed it. Though we are stuck on a chair and hence we lose room scale

Walkovr allows us to walk and run in place and also to use our room scale/play area. This is why on the paper it is my favorite locomotion system .

I like my diy shoe idea because it is like the walkovr idea that i want so bad. I want room scale and a solution for locomotion in game for long distance walk when reaching the border of our play area.

I have the Wii fit board , but i do not have tested it because i woukd be stuck on the board. I am spending time on the diy shoes instead.

I have the 3drudder for pc. But as above, i also have not tested it yet. Same as above, i would be stuck on the chair using the 3drudder board.

I hope i can post more in a few days or 1 week about the DIY shoes i am trying to make as soon as i get these new sensors figured out with the vendor’s developing/tech department.


Great, thanks for the run down! Looks like I am kind of excited about the same aspect as you are.

Will be keep an eye open for updates on walkovr, and your DIY project!


This is with the captosensors and the captosuit. Because of a bug with the software, the running is not that smooth. To walk I just have to lift the feet or walking around the room. Instead for running, the acceleration of the feet / moving the feet faster , makes me run in game.

I have the controller in my hand just to interact in game ( I can use gloves for that instead, or the aim controller instead), that in this case was just to change the camera angle.

Fixing the bug with the software of captogloves, it would mean be able to just run in place to run in game. It would be more natural. This is why I am trying a different solution with different software and sensors now that would work better than captosensors and captosuit

ps : the @PimaxVR @PimaxUSA 's headset cable is a huuugeeee pain in he butt !


Forgot to say before that NALO has no WASD support yet and no console support either. It works only in VR/steamvr for now


If succeeding with the new sensors and board, the idea would be to run this way

This is the 2 sensors with the board that they are trying to optimise. It works as a ble keyboard.

It would hopefully end up being optimized and work for walking in game and running in game as the video above


That first video…it’s so close to working 100%

I hope with your project you get it working like in the second video that would be just amazing cool. I am sure there would be quite a few people like myself just hoping you would share the DIY details so we can all enjoy this immersive idea!


Thanks! Of course i will share how it is done


Hi there! Great news! Yesterday they sent me the new updates for the sensors made specifically for what we want to use the sensors and board for (walk and running in games) and it works great!

I walk with smaller steps in my play area and i walk in game .
I run on the spot and i run in the game.
I can also walk fast/bigger steps accross the room and i can run in game .
So great!
Now they are working on the a, s and d keystrokes and i suggested to also work on crouching and jumping functions too

This is so cool!

Going to work on a video to share.


If i put together these new sensors and board i have just mentioned above, and use at the same time the pressure sensors of the captogloves that i used in my shoes for a and d and s, i can already have a pair of shoes that can do with no problems wasd and even jump in place .

But the idea is to not use at all the captoglove sensors and go for only the new plug and play sensor i mentioned


Hi @Heliosurge , sorry to bother you.

After trying the walk /running in place solution using sensors vs the treadmill solution like katvr, i do not see much of a difference in walking/running between the 2 methods.
With the treadmill i can’t even play those games that have only wasd support.
The feelings of running in place in my play area is not much different than the feeling of running on a katvr platform. I mean, since i have both, i could use my katv platform to walk/move on, while using though the wasd sensors they optimized for gaming. But why should I i limit my play area to an small oval shaped platform jumping on a treadmill when the fun of vr is the freedom to mone accross our play are?

So i am thinking at solutions for flooring.

I am thinking at some sort of removable material to cover my game play area, that it is sleepery and it also has got maybe a tiny concave shape to put at the center of the room.

Do you have any thoughts to share on this ?


I hear you there. The core problem as you say with treadmills & the like is imbolizing factor. But has merits with limited space.

If you recall when we were discussing this before. There was that carpet with floor sensors whom’s primary intended purpose was for seniors. But could be expensive.

Problem with having a slippeey surface is falling. Anything imho like that will need some kind of harness for safety.

Antvr did an interesting idea for Roomscale with carpet tiles.

I think any way we look at it; it’s going to be hard to get that holodeck like freedom. Maybe a hybrid of roomscale combined with run in place might be best for now. But will requires a learning curve.


Yep i recall your idea of the carpet :slight_smile:

Would you consider the hybrid of roomscale combined with run in place, the idea of the shoes i posted above ?

I hope the sensors’s vendor is going to test and implement this week the support for a , s and d and jump and crouch , through the use of their sensor so it would be great to just use 1 plug and play sensor for everything instead of as it is for now by going through 2 different boards and sensors


It would be something to explore for sure. Just more to see how to get the concepts working together in somw kind of harmony that maybe difficult.

May need a free move button like was used in the old fighting game Cardinal Syn. Generally a 2d fighting game that you could press a button to 3d move on the fighting stage…

So perhaps a binding to activate/toggle either run in place/roomscale movements.


But why an activating button ?
The movemets i am doing are as roomscale when walking around the play area and for running when runnig in place. The speed of the movements make the difference between a room scale movemet vs a longer distance movement


Cool figured it might have needed a mode shift. Then sounds promising.


what do u mean by a mode shift?

The way they programmed the sensors is that with small steps, we can walk in game. With bigger steps or running in place, we run in game

Was not clear from the videos :frowning: ?

This is RE7 on psvr . I am using only the W button (to walk, so no distinction between run and walk) from the new sensor and board, and also I had active the A , S, and D with captosensors , though I did not use it in the video

I can make this work in any console game.

As usual the wire is a pain lol


Mode shifting is when you press 1 button & hold to change other buttons functiom when pressed.

But it seems unecessary with what you have. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Need to think how could be useful :slight_smile: