Having troubles with the shipping of my 5k+



Hi everyone:

I ve being havin problems with the delivery of my 5k+

At first, when I was checking my tracking number the shipping company update that my parcel has being returned to sender. I contact DPD they said PIMAX ask it back. Then I talk to PIMAX they said there was an issue with the shipping address. I double check and it was right, non the less I gave them a new address and they send it one more time. I gave them every info they needed even my email and phone so they can be in touch with me in case anything went wrong.

Now my parcel is being send back again. Once more DPD says is because of a consigment problem that PIMAX has asking it back, PIMAX is not answering my emails. I have talk to DPD to know if there is anything wrong with the address or something I can do to stop the parcel to be returned, and they dont give me any solutions, they only say I must talk to PIMAX.

So another mail to PIMAX and just waiting again for their answer…

Anyone else having this kind of problems? Any recomendations?

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu