HDMI/DP not connected due to piplay software issue



Helmet status:
What color is the LED on the helmet after the connection?
Blue: normal connection state
Green:Please check the HDMI connection
Red: Please check the USB and HDMI connections. Replace the USB port to re plug.
Display card driver:
please download latest driver:http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx
When installing, anti-virus software / all kinds of security software must be turned off.:
If the installation is not closed in time, please completely uninstall piplay and reinstall it.
piplay download address:http://pisetup.pimaxvr.com/PiPlay_Setup_3.0.0.81.exe
VC: http://piplay-us.pimaxvr.com/VC.exe
make sure VC is fully installed.
DX fix:http://piplay-us.pimaxvr.com/dx.exe
make sure DirectX is insatalled correctly
Runtime package:http://piplay-us.pimaxvr.com/dll.rar
copy all the files to your piplay folder \Program Files\Pimax\runtime,advice you to do this to fix your broken Connection issue.


thank You for Your Support.

  1. This json file does not exist in win7, only log files
  2. Unfortunately I did not install any steam products. :blush:

I only want to see side-by-side 3D Videos and 360° Videos and DRM free (spy free) games or content. So Steam does not fit well for me :slight_smile:
With codi SBS 3D Videos have issues in Video mode. 3D is not properly displayed.