Head strap/Audio strap


Im lookig forward to seeing the M1 units being tested over the next few weeks. Given my experience with the Samsung Odyssey and Vive im sceptical of the quality of the included headphones and mic. Is it possible that Pimax can show us what they expect to ship as the head strap with/without headphones? Any specs?

Perhaps more importantly can it be fully removed as im pretty sure ill be using my Sennheisers instead.



Well… Pimax has said that the standard 8K HMD would come with a clothe-strap and that they would sell separate but include for free those who backed them on Kickstarter an enhanced halo-style head-strap. So from that it appears to me that Pimax does provide removable head straps. Now if I remember correctly from the Kickstarter form we backers had to fill out for our order… I chose to have both the clothe strap and the enhanced halo-style strap which cost a few extra bucks. Like you, I wasn’t sure if I want to use my own headphone and mic without trying the enhanced version of the strap… so that’s the reason I chose both strap styles.


Pimax after alot of user requests said earphones will be removable on the enhanced halo style mount.

@xunshu while the headphones prob not finalised sunce schedule says q3. Can we have some details on the mic? & confirm 4k users have the option (dual 3.5mm inputs) to use original headphones?


I am curious about the sound quality of the microphone.

I sure hope it’s sound is not full of plosives and sibilance as the vive mic is!!
The vive pro may cancel room noise out better with it’s 2mics. But the sound quality is even worse than og vive… Very dissatisfied. Rift sounds marginally better.

Future headsets need a mic that is good enough to make youtube recordings with.