Headset Just Arrived, Missing Lighthouses and Controllers


My headset has just arrived after a year and a half since I backed the project, very exciting. The headset is sexy, but, all there is is a headset? How am I supposed to use it the headset when it didn’t come with the controllers or lighthouses?

The tier I backed was:
First 8K Full Package Ever
8K Headset (Laser tracker integrated) + Controller*2 + Base Stations *2
The best 8K experience in one package.

Super Disappointing. Do I need to return the headset in order to get the proper package shipped to me?


the lighthouses and controllers aren’t finished yet. you have to use ones from the vive


I appreciate the quick reply, but I didn’t realize that they expected you to own a vive if you wanted to properly use the headset. I do not own a vive :confused:


this wasn’t a secret - it was all laid out on the kickstarter page


No, I believe they asked the backers whether they should wait for the complete package to be ready or send the headsets ASAP with the rest to follow. I was lucky to already have a vive, but others still use it without for seated experiences (using internal gyro) and others with a xbox style controller.

Ironically, even with room scale I’m spending 95% of my time in a seated experience as my current favourite game is Elite Dangerous :upside_down_face:


I just scanned their campaign page and they do not mention shipping the items separately, so, you’re wrong. It sounds it was some post-kickstarter survey that decided to send the items separately according to Mark.

It’s looking like I’m going to have to shill out an extra $400 bucks to get the missing parts.


yes. you and everyone else :slight_smile: at least you’ve received your headset…


You don’t need to have LHes & Motion controllers to use the headset. But you will be like me restricted to seated experiences.

If you have an Xbox connect or psmove controllers there are some options like

Driver4vr (under $20) & Kinect2VR (free/donate) as options.

Driver4vr also supports Leap Motion

& Kinect2VR is possibly going to add Wii mote support.


He’s not wrong. The survey after KS closed asked if you wanted to wait or receive headset first. Due to the lengthy development & delays. They shipped headsets out. Some still wanted to wait but due to some mix ups still received the headset a head of the full package.


Lol now I’m confused :grin:.

I think Berserk initially expressed some disappointment that his order was coming in stages. Someone replied that wasn’t a secret - it was all laid out on the kickstarter page. Which Berserk disagreed with.

It’s spilt milk now, but out of interest was the possibility that the full package could arrive in stages clear on the initial kickstarter page?


I don’t think the KS page itself said one way or the other. This was more discussed in the forum & ks page comments(maybe) in terms of preference to receive headset first or wait for full package for delivery…

Initially you made the choice by the first survey. Then of course a later survey(s) allowed folks to change their mind. But as you said water under the bridge as we know the later survey(s) experienced issues.


No, the Lighthouses and controllers will come. Just not now. And you paid for them once, which is enough.

I don’t even really need them for the things I’m doing. But I bet I can have some fun with them anyway, when they eventually come. So I’m sure you’ll find some use of your hmd before you get the rest of the stuff as well


Hi guys, I have received headset without controlers as Berserk said. From first look it works good.
Afther reading all of this I do undestand that they will come later. The question is what is the expected time for them to start shiping? Do you now @mozi ?


Optimistic estimate is Q3 this year