Headset not recognised by steamvr - please help


Hi there. I have recieved my Pimax 5k today, and have installed pitool v1.0.1.95.

The headset is working, but when I start steamvr, I get the message ‘headset not connected properly’. ‘Not ready’.

I am upgrading from a Vive Pro and have reinstalled steamVR.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks.



Congrats for reveiving your headset a few :uk: members have been ansi.

@Dallas.Hao please add to early backers.

@sjefdeklerk has a vive pro & may have ideas.

Did you go through the pi tool setup?


Thanks for the reply - I got it working in the end. Have to say I’m quite disappointed though. I was expecting much greater things after the reviews I’ve watched. The FOV is fantastic, but the SDE is a big step backwards from the Vive Pro. :frowning:


That seems to be mixed opinion. I myself saw tge sde improved over Vive Pro. But found it a bit blocky due to the Vive Pro having more vertical res.


Yes, it baffles me how people can see things so differently. I guess it also depends what you play. For me, Assetto Corsa was unplayable with the 5k+ but is magnificent with the Vibe Pro. And my entire system is dedicated to that one game.


Interesting. But myself I prefer the 8k over the 5k+ myself. But eyes are very much like tge expression walk in someone else’s shoes.

Perspective while often similar is still individual. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


How did you fix your connection issue?


Keep in mind ypu might need to dial up your settings to get a more comparable image as the 5k+ requires more gpu juice.

A good method to compare on more even footings to see potential set 5k+ to small fov so you can really pump Pi Render & steamvr ss


Even with everything maxed out I was still very unhappy about the SDE. I have it another go this afternoon and tried every possible combination (max possible rendering in pitool and steamvr SS using a 8700k overclocked and a 2080ti) but the horizontal pronounced SDE is just not compatible with my vision. It’s as if skies are being rendered in 256 colours, and the lack of contrast or blacks just doesn’t result in anything pleasing with Assetto Corsa and the Sol mod. I’m sure it would be fine with some other games but as I said, it’s a purpose built motion sim for AC alone.


It turns out it was embarrassingly straight forward - Steam vr had gone into safe mode and I’m assuming that meant it was looking for my Vive!


Sounds like if you get an opportunity to try someone’s 8k might be best.

@yanfeng might have some setting suggestions to improve the 5k+ experience.