Headset recognized, but not controllers or lighthouses


As the subject says; I received my 5k+ headset. I’ve had a working Vive for over a year.

I updated my nvidia driver to 417.71 (current version)

Installed the latest PiTool

Ran PiTool room setup. Headset appears, but controller and lighthouses are shown as disconnected.

I tried to run SteamVR room setup, but only the headset appears in the device list. My controllers and lighthouses are no longer visible in SteamVR.

I can see a space landscape in the headset. I can turn my head, but my POV is locked to the ground. I cannot move vertically or horizontally.



Did you perform pitool room setup? & to confirm in pitool is lighthouse tracking box on?


Yes, I performed pitool room setup.


LH v1.0? If so do they see each other?

You might need to wake up lighthouses?


Yes, they are 1.0. I’m not sure how to ‘wake them up’, but I have unplugged them and plugged them back in. Lights are green on both. Restarted PiTool and SteamVR. No change.

Update: I disconnected the pimax and reconnected my vive. Lighthouses and controllers are recognized and operational in SteamVR. I disconnected my vive and reconnected my pimax and the controllers and lighthouses are not recognized nor operational in either PiTool or SteamVR.


@park likely have dome good ideas as may @spamenigma.


Seems to crop up this for some, unsure on the answer as yet.

Lighthouses are detected via sensors only, there’s no Bluetooth connection. Some with a single lighthouse have had an issue where it doesn’t work until you move the HMD around 2M+ away, not sure if the same applies with 2x LH?

Various other tricks have been tried for LH issues such as:

  • Testing different USB ports.
  • Pc restart (sometimes twice!).
  • Reseating the cable in the HMD (pull>push).
  • Stop/start of ‘PiServiceLauncher’ Service.
  • Deleting contents of %localappdata%\Local\Pimax\runtime\config\lighthouse and restarting the ‘PiServiceLauncher’ or pc.
  • Trying USB connected in a powered hub.
  • Ensuring motherboard drivers including USB controller drivers are up to date.
  • Power on HMD whilst in full view of the lighthouses (but not too close).
  • Logging a support ticket with Pimax (on the website) for Teamviewer session to adjust config on HMD (something extra to standard firmware update).


@Davebobman this might be good in your troubleshooting.



Did you manage to get this fixed? As I seem to have similar issue…


Exactly the same issue, funny thing is that it worked once (after cycling lighthouse power) and then never again


Which headset did you receive? Have you checked the wiki in the 5k 8k directory?


I have the 5K+, i have scoured everything, the only time it worked was when i followed these steps: How to solve “Disconnect” or “Not tracked” of headset, base station, controller randomly, image follow head although not use base station. (PiTool 91) this was on the first day i had the headset. the best i could do after that was one lighthouse tracked and one controller, after that i can’t get anything going except the headset.


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Will see what I can find later on light house issues