Headset stolen by the delivery man



My headset got stolen from the carrier company employee, and I didn’t get news from Pimax since 2019/01/25… :
"Hi Aurélien,

We have forwarded your email to our logistics partner and will reply you soon once they replied us, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Best regards,

Pimax Support"

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I am so sorry to hear that. And the best Pimax can do now is not reply…? Come on… The sender is responsible because the item has not yet reached the customer.
But if there’s a tracking number the logistics company should be able to be made responsible.


Yes, it just looks like : “oh yeah ? It’s been stolen ? Ok.” …


How is that possible that it doesn t need signature + ID card to get it ?


The tracking says that the delivery man called me, and I chose to change the delivery option to a “safe location”.

The problem is : No one called me that morning (I will have the phone bill to prove it). And even it that was the case, there is no safe location where I live (you can check picture below, the door is always closed)…


Pimax replied this morning, I’ll keep you in touch !


It’s been a month now since I should have receive my headset…

DPD (the carrier) is still inquiring about the parcel.

One thing is sure : you can send as many mails as you want, if Pimax doesn’t have news, they won’t reply. I can understand that, even if it is very uncomfortable…


Damn so there is no news in your case? Thats depressing.


Yeah but I begin to feel better about this… I spend my time by building a new pc, and fixing my logitech g27. So maybe one day…


you mean at this speacial day you are prepared, thats a good idea but it still sucks a bit. I think pimax have a insurance for that… …Now they are trying to figure it out i hope


Yeah they are working on it. DPD is inquiring about it, they should reply soon.

Accidentally (I guess) I got the mails between Pimax and DPD, and I can say that Pimax is doing a decent job trying to fix the problem.


nice that are good news.


Ok @Dallas.Hao, I just finished to paint and rebuild my computer. It now show a nice and subtle Porsche Mahagoni color, and a 2080 RTX is sitting inside. So can I have news of my headset now ?


Are you in the UK?

DPD seem to be fobbing me off.
Claim I need to reply with my address and postcode for “data protection”
Been a week and not had a reply back from them!

How did you contact them?

I’m also concerned now as seem a few people have posted about courier issues here, and pimax has not replied to them…

For me this is two headsets, £1400 worth, and someone I do not know has signed for them!


No I live in France.

I didn’t not contact DPD directly… I called Chronopost in the first days. It’s the carrier for DPD in France.

About Pimax, don’t expect more than a answer per week… I have been three weeks without any reply…


Hi all !

Finally, after more than two months, Pimax accepted to loan me an headset during the time they sort it out. I received the Pimax this week. So thanks a lot @mozi , I can tell that I have a good feeling about the Pimax Support Team ! :slight_smile:

Also thanks a lot to the Pimax Community, it helps me to keep calm when times were hard !

I shared my feelings about the headset and put pictures of the rig here, feel free to support me with a “like” :slight_smile: