Hear nothing from Pimax about your shipment? Good news!




For those who haven’t had hear from Pimax about deliveries or expected shipping dates, I’ve got good news!

I purchased the 5K+ by mid Febrary and received and email from Pimax instantly.
They stated shipment would be around 10th - 16th March

Well, that week I saw so far away in the future has become THIS week and I have been waiting until today Friday to further notice, but nothing happened.
The day isn’t over yet but quite honestly I no longer expect I can have an update.

So the good news are if you haven’t heard anything from Pimax don’t worry because receiving their notification for an expected shipment day has no effect neither.

That said, there is still room for hope.

1-. Their notification clearly uses the word ‘around’, meaning it could mean not this exact week but the next one instead. Or maybe another one in the future.

2-. More importantly, I bought an electric unicycle a couple years ago to another Chinese online manufacturer. They sent an expected shipment day same as Pimax, but I had no further notification during several weeks.
When I lost my hopes and started to think I lost my money, the unicycle arrived.
They sent it on the expected days without notificating me and took all those weeks to arrive when they were silent.
Maybe is the way Chinese companies works. We are used to western companies that informs us on every single step during the delivery process (shipment day, arrival day, tracking number, etc).
Chinese companies seems to inform you only once and altough everything goes as expected, in reality you have no clue if you will receive your item until unexpectecly a parcel arrives.

Will cross my fingers so this is the case too and my 5K+ has been already shipped.


Don’t expect it to have shipped they are stringing you along like the rest of us they have missed 4 “all backers ship” dates this year alone. Oct/Nov preorders were supposed to ship in Feb only some did. As to cultural differances they have had a year to get someone who can adapt them to western audiences they chose not to and it seems like it will be the death of them.


Sorry, I had a good connection to Pimax. I’m a preorder from the end of November and got my 5k + in early March. That’s fine if you consider that not all supporters got their HMD yet.
And I think I’m not the only one


Wow. You submitted your order only a month ago and already got a shipping estimate? Many of us, including myself, preordered back in October of last year! Personally, I’ve never received anything other than a “thanks for your money”. I’m glad you at least got something from them.

At this point, no one cares about cultural differences in how business is handled. These are high end products that cost a lot of money and thousands of people have paid millions of dollars to Pimax with absolutely nothing in return and no communication.

@Jokuma I’m happy to hear you received yours, but again, I can’t help be feel upset that yours already arrived when I preordered mine a month before you. Not to mention all the backers that have yet to receive anything.


You may :wink:
but I think you can not deliver the pre-order numbers 1 to 1.
I was also very surprised.


Another early pre-order here. They just sent the Fedex notification a couple of days ago.


Hi wipimax12345, really sorry. I double checked internally that your headset has arrived our oversea warehouse, and we will provide the tracking number these two days


Thank you for your response.

To confirm, my order is currently landed in the US, and will be shipped out to my home within two days? I was told I’d have to confirm my address before shipping, which I haven’t been asked to do yet, and my order page still has the same status its had for 5 months. So I’m understandably skeptical.


Would you please confirm your shipping address by PM with me?ASAP, will double check with our guys.