Hello I was wondering where my headset is


I ordered a 5k headset on May 4th , I’m not positive but I believe when I was looking it said something
along the lines of “Recieve your headset by May 17th” on the store page.
Well they took my money and its the 24th.
My marriage is on shaky ground and my wife wasnt to happy that I spent $750.00 dollars on a VR headset , I still havent bought her a wedding ring after 38 years of marriage , so speending the kind of money I spent and not recieving anything on top of that is a bad thing.
I was wondering if I could get my headset delivered , I dont have much in life to be happy about , I have a boring wife , my roof is leaking on my house , my mother in law lives with us , my dog deficates on the carpet and my kids hate me.
Id like to get my headset so I can leave my reality from time to time.
Thank you and look forward to hopefully getting a response.

@Dallas.Hao @mozi @DerekVVV



will back to you in minutes.



I have PM your shipping status, I believe you will receive it very soon.


Are you still not get your headset?
Well, you should check your address, whether it is correct or not, try calling the customer service.


I believe he has received it.


Ohh great!:slightly_smiling_face: