[Hello Nolo]PiPlay_Nolo Customized Driver Beta Version Piplay 1.2.85


It’s the only driver that supports NOLO, so if you have NoloVR then you will want it.


What @sjefdeklerk said & the 1.2.x has better cross compatability between steam & oculus. The new version also has the dynamic ipd adjustment.


I actually only use Steam so for me it doesn’t matter. But are there some (oculus) games that work with v1.2x that don’t work on v1.1.92 ? Or are you merely saying that it’s a bit easier because you don’t have to switch between Pimax mode and Oculus mode ?


There is that if you don’t use oculus then yes much better; if you recall issues with oculus home with 1.1.92.

Also some steam titles like war thunder was not working in 1.1.92 (not sure if fixedvin 1.2.x or if war thunder release may have fixed)

But i do agree with your points on 1.1.92 & additionally this version works better on old hardware like my 2x7950 cf.

Additionally if your using the PiMax to replace a multi-monitor setup with virtual desktop then 1.1.92 is the better choice as well at this time.


well, I pre-ordered a NOLO, hopefully on it’s way soon. NOLO won’t work with Pimax without the new driver? I am very pleased with the resolution of the Pimax, but wouldn’t mind going for even better. I really do think I’m going to take out the shutter and I MUST do something about the focus.

Pimax Crew: PLEASE DO NOT SEND LENSES FOR MYOPIC CORRECTION TO THE UNITED STATES. You WILL destroy your reputation if you continue to do so. The people that have tried my Pimax cannot get proper focus with or without their own personal glasses on!!! I am using a pair of cheap readers, I think at 1.5 magnification, to be able to read anything. IF YOU DON"T CORRECT THE LENSES FOR THE US MARKET YOU WILL NOT GET A MARKET SHARE HERE. And I very much want it to succeed here.


Perhaps a bit harsh my last post. But it really is frustrating me.


Has anyone tried the new driver. I was never able to enable the the Screen items in the settings in the last version.


I do agree the lack of manual focus does definitely cause issues with “far-sighted” folks. One option that may work in the meantime is to try contact lenses.


If you headset serial starts with 102; this series has those options disable atm & @PIMAX-Support has said will return in a later version.


Well, my VR jorney has ended so far. Thats pitty, my overall experience with pimax was mostly “testing”, i dont really think that i got at least 100 playing hours.

Talking about nolo, all i could play is ‘arizona’ (menu, not even in-game) and steamvr home, it works very good so far but for best experience requires ceiling mount, otherwise (when shooting/holding 1 hand in front of you) you will block lighthouse all the time. In addition to this it’s not that easy to pickup items from the floor because:

  1. headset has become heavier and wont hold on the head if you try to look at your feet
  2. lighthouse will be probably blocked by your table or simply out of vertical sight (close to floor)

However this can be fixed by calibrating, need only to setup height properly so you would not have a need to crouch that much.

Overall experience - fine. Primary issue - deadzones (mainly when playing with controllers), not only being not able to look backwards, but also deadzones in front/floor. Another thing - the lighthouse should stay horizontally in front of you, that means if you place it on a table - it will make a huge deadzone below your small back. Pointing lighthouse to the floor = deadzone while looking up. Moving the lighthouse to the side = need to remember where it is and point both controllers and headset all the time to the lighthouse when you reset orientation (controllers hotkey), which is a regular need and can be done accidentally, because there are 2 buttons close to each other, first one will turn around by 180 grad (used all the time, no other solution to turn around), another - reset orientation, and if you dont face lighthouse while doing this — you’ll get problems :slight_smile:

Any idea where to get similar rubbers?


Hmmm sounds like ceiling mount is the way to go. I’m not sure why NOLO didnt include the ceiling mount by the way. I don’t have a 3d printer so I’m not sure if it’s going to be easy to attach it to my ceilling


I use velcro on front and back straps.


Does it support ceiling mount? If yes - can we have small guide? (nolo software requires for that a special dll, will that work with pimax?)


Ceiling mount for 3dprinting

Guide & dll plugin


nolo software requires for that a special dll, will that work with pimax? [/quote]

considering pimax is not working with nolo software that was a question to support or someone who knows how/if it works.
There is no such dll in pimax forder.

p.s. got velcro, usb/hdmi extension for 5m, will make another try later today :slight_smile: Really want to try ceiling mount, but need to find out first if it works.


Do you know if the Piplay version supports the ceiling mount? We know the Nolo drivers does, but what about with the pimax?


Also, how long is the USB cord for Nolo? I’ve heard some people say 3 or 4 meters, but that is a big difference.


Dont know, sorry, anyway i have purchased an extra 5m usb cabel because that from nolo is doubled (its heavy), so i decided to buy another one.

Pimax 4k Software Wish List

I had some time to test the new 1.2.85 with NOLO. Except the problem that the tracking breaks from time to time everything works pretty well.

Because the tracking breaks, I really enjoy having the 180° turn-around function. The problem here is that when I move in the “turned around mode” and go back to “normal mode”, the room setup is broken and the walls are not where they should be.

Is there a workaround that the virtual walls keep their position no matter in which “mode”?


I really hope NOLO can get 2 base units to work with their system.


Me too. There is not enough virtual experience with one base station. It’s annoying when the gray screen appears. It’s the same experience as using PSMove with one PSEye camera.