[Hello Nolo]PiPlay_Nolo Customized Driver Beta Version Piplay 1.2.85


For anyone that wants to know War Thunder did work for me when I tried it on the 1.2.75 driver/PiPlay. I couldn’t get my flight yoke to work, and I don’t know where my flight stick is atm so I had a miserable experience. Didn’t have my gamepad working right yet either. May give it another go.


Flight controls like hotas is something to do with changes made in how steam sees controllers (at least this was confirmed with ED) might be a similar work around. @lukeb


I put in the new 1.2.85 drivers and I think there are changes others might be interested in. First off I noticed that the pivot point on the view, if it’s not my imagination, has been moved back. Meaning instead of just 3dof pivoting on the view, it’s now pivoting behind the view more realistically. Or I am hallucinating and it was there all the time. It makes things a bit more immersive!

Second, from default, it appears brighter than before. It struck me right away. I did put in the brightness hex code in the .75 version and it didn’t seem to do anything that I noticed, so maybe they’re still in the config (although I did an uninstall and reinstall, all my apps are still in place in Pimax).

The issue of the grayed choices I had with .75 is gone, choices are there now.

I had just loaded up my “Game” of choice, Prepar3d v3 (haven’t tried 4 yet to see if the shakes went away), and had to break out of it quick to report what I see. Could be placebo cause I’m not even off the ground yet, still sitting on the runway, but I hope I’m not hallucinating (I’m somewhere in hot dry Arizona, Sedona I think) and these Nice changes are keepers.


OK, the gray out is back. For a bit they were available. But It may have been in video mode. They’re not working again now.
Shakes have not gone away in P3D v4 for me. I am wondering if it may have something to do with low framerate.
It still seems to be brighter for me.



The driver keeps booting the unit in extended mode :frowning: . I struggle to get it to work in Direct\Pimax and have to keep restarting the HMD hoping that it starts in direct\Pimax mode. Also does not save settings like increased brightness and disabled Gyro sensor setting. Still wainting for my Nolo delivery before I can test that part of the driver.

Also drops the HD for no reason and the has the LED on the unit showing RED.

Going back to 1.2.75 as this version will make me throw my Pimax against the wall. I actually fear for driver updates as every time a new driver comes out (Beta or full) there always seems to be instability of some sort and I worry that the HMD wont work properly again…


What do you mean “manual focus” Pimax does not have manual focus, it as a not so good tricked lens that tries to work for myopia but mostly fail.

If Pimax as a real manual focus lens I want one !

But if that was true it would work both ways, for far and near sighted.


I really need to have a lens that is correct for this market. What we call myopic is from what I understand the mean statistically in China. They would consider us all strangely farsighted, but they really need to understand quickly that that blur spot in the middle of the lens/view is a No Go for probably MOST people.
I read Luke was sent a different set of lenses. They should carefully consider which lenses to send to which parts of the world and swap them out accordingly … ASAP!


Okay thanksvi edited & fixed my post. “The lack of”


If you turned the lens around would it be for farsighted people? After a cardboard box I bought a Homido, which is complete with 3 sets of distancing “bushings” and the ability to turn the lens around, along with adjustable focal length, give one the ability to dial in perfectly for anyone without needing their glasses (unless you have an astigmatism).


No prob.
You just made me think that I missed an upgrade from Pimax :wink:


I don’t know if this is the right way of thinking about this.

You can’t have a prescription lens for a market.
You need to make a regular lens calibrated precisely (sharp) for 20/20 vision and then ad manual adjust-ability +or -.
This means the lens need to be made for one focus not the way it is now.
It is now supposed to be for 20/20 and at the same time tries to accommodate myopia “-”.
I have myopia and I still use glasses with the pimax, meaning it does not work.

I suspect that maybe Luke got a regular lens without the myopia compensation trickery.

I would like to know if people with good 20/20 vision find that they see good inside the pimax ?

I was lucky to have a pair of glasses that was a little less then my exact prescription cause I see better in the Pimax with them.
So if i go with my regular glasses its not working 100% and if I go without glasses the same thing.
So I was lucky I had made myself an in-between strength glasses.
But heck I want to go without glasses !

So Pimax for your 8k we want manual adjust-ability so stop it with your fancy lenses they don’t work !
They cause more problem for people of different prescriptions and don’t even work for the targeted ones
Meaning -ALL- people with glasses can’t go without !


My vision is in theory good & have no real issues with picture.

Luke’s lenses from my understanding are the standard ones in the PiMax 4k. Now the lens mod luke performed augmented the lenses to allow more normal focus with his glasses (far sighted) but with a cost of reduced fov due to unverting the reading glasses lens.

Odd though that the myopia(short sighted) doesn’t eork in your case. However even with manual focus it should allow for idividual eye as ine eye is often stronger than the other.

As for the 8k hard to say if manual focus possible due to special shaped lenses. More likely the fesign would need to be set for 20/20 with allowances for glasses (200° fov)


I’ve been attempting to use Pimax and Nolo with but the controllers drift like crazy. I have to constantly recenter them, and sometimes they don’t recenter correctly. When I double tap the menu button to do a 180, sometimes the room gets messed up too. The drifting happens on the headset too. Playing Elite Dangerous, I have to recenter the HMD every 30 seconds (Even with Nolo unplugged). That didn’t happen with

Also, when I tried the Nolo base station on the ceiling, I couldn’t get through the room setup. It was reading the positions all wrong (with both DLL’s)


Hi. Yes I was sent a second pair of lenses, but there was no way for me to know what the difference was to the original pair. They certainly looked the same.

I have read some people say that their unit has a centrally blurred image, but neither pair of lenses I have had this affect.
The centre was focused getting worse to the edges.

What I would like to know is if the default focus point of Pimax optics is set for “normal” vision, then I would have thought that wearing my glasses would bring the image into focus. Just like when I look at the PC screen or read a book, but this was not the case. So why is it that I had to make the mod to get a focused image?

It would be nice to get some information from an optical expert on this.

Also, does mean that all Chinese VR units (without manual focus adjustment) will have the same focus issue?
Set up for Chinese vision and not completely suited for western vision.


I am experiencing considerably more drift with this version as well. I have gotten very used to hitting a recenter hotkey.


I have better than 20/20 vision. But I have to strain for it at my middleaged-ness. And I am a computer programmer so I use glasses tuned to my monitor arrays distance. So without my glasses I see the central blur, and with my glasses I see it. I have a bunch of readers around of many different strengths, but none of my “good” ones, and none of their strengths are labeled, but I’m using a pair of readers at what might be 1.50 strength, which gets rid of the blur in the middle and puts it to the peripherie at a lesser blur. Its not perfect with this particular pair, but I have to find a box with my other much better readers in it to figure out more, and probably get a large lensed pair like you did. But I actually have excellent vision except for straining, farsighted if I relax. These lenses are No Good. Gear VR has a focus but sometimes I wear my glasses in them cause the focus is a little hokey and it’s easier to get a crystal clear focus with them, yet most of the time I do not use them in the GVR. Homido has an array of selection and I do not need any aid for it. I might want to get readers tuned in for this stuff though cause I’ve scratched my prescription lenses; I don’t blame HMD makers for that, I haven’t learned to be careful with them yet and not do things like that. Just now starting to admit I need them. They say people with myopia get better vision when their eye lens muscles weaken in their forties.

I LOVE the Pimax so far. I am enjoying this early adopter stage, I haven’t tuned in like this since before I had my 3 1/2 old. I really like valve/steam and have appreciated HTC phones when they were in their heyday, but I can’t stand Oculus and I feel FB does their thing in what I consider to be an unprofessional way that is causing real trauma for people in the real world because of peer pressures and the wildfire of misinformation caused by group think and the vulnerability to social engineering hacks. FB has been very irresponsible. And I can’t stand the fact a nitwit like Lucky Palmer got paid by the other nitwits at FB for putting out a particularly lame product for what could have been built with the billions he got Pimax should get major support for the fact that they’ve made a breakaway product this early with justs a kickstarter funding.

I just wish this was not an issue because my Wife doesn’t appreciate that blur at all. She is like The Princess and the Pea when it comes to trying things that I enthused about and this is a barrier for some for the uninitiated I can tell for certain.


How to install Pimax 4K and NOLO - Final~!

  1. Install Steam & Steam VR
  2. Install Piplay 1.2.85
  3. Connect the Pimax 4K’s USB and HDMI cables with PC.
  4. Turn on the NOLO base station
  5. Connect the NOLO Headset Marker with PC using the 4M steamvr cable
  6. Piplay recognizes headset marker and restarting.
  7. Execute Steam VR
  8. Press the System button to turn on the controller.
  9. Face the base station and put on the Pimax 4K with headset marker, then double-click the system button on the controller to calibrate the orientation.
  10. Open the dashboard by clicking once on the controller’s system button, select settings, and pull the trigger to run it.
  11. Facing the base station, select the reset seated position, pull the trigger and run it. The center of the play area is then aligned.
  12. Press the headset marker’s pair button to set the head position.
  13. Run Steam VR game and enjoy.
  14. If drift occurs, repeat steps 9 and 11.
  15. When rebooting the PC or restarting PiPlay, execute steps 9-12.

Until pimax’s friendly explanation is provided, please follow my suggestions.
Enjoy Pimax4K and Nolo.


I really hoped more open way to input positional data to pi play :frowning:
I do not have nolo but I do have ps move


With the psmove you will need 2 ps3 eye cams min.


Allows you to track a headset with a ping pong ball.
Just use PSMoveService and FreePieConnector.