[Hello Nolo]PiPlay_Nolo Customized Driver Beta Version Piplay 1.2.85


Does anyone know if the Nolo controllers get their orientation data from the base station or from the controllers themselves?

I’m wondering if they can still turn correctly despite losing positional tracking if the line of sight to the base station is blocked.


Each handle rotates around the sphere on top of it with gyro sensors/axelerometers. However, each sphere must be in sight of the base station for 6DOF to work. If you block the controller, the virtual copy of it still rotates in the game but it’s frozen in space.


I found that the driver puts the HMD in video mode when the on-board gyro is disabled. This is very frustrating, could this please be removed from future driver revisions?
The HMD also stops responding when the gyro is enabled again and SteamVR is started. It gets a red led and the unit must be unplugged to start again. This happens quite often.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, I couldn’t wrap my head around it! Because, if these are Nolo drivers, then Pimax gyro should be disabled by default when the Nolo tracking is on, so this option is not needed I guess? There clearly is a software conflict related to this switch.
I’d rather Pimax made the in-built gyro supplementary to the Nolo head tracker, so that we could rotate our heads without blackouts when the base station is blocked.



That makes perfect sense…

Hi Support, Could this be implemented in the next PiPlay build? To have Nolo work with the on-board Gyroscope and supplement one another to make tracking more accurate?

Thanks in advance


So I’ve only been missing more annoyance ever since my Pimax 4K gave up but soon I’ll buy another & try all this new stuff…

Uh, Pimax, why the heck can’t NoloVR have/get support on Piplay 1.1.92?


Ah, perfect. I’m hoping to add led ping pong balls to the end of the nolo controllers. Couple this with driver 4 vr, then perhaps nolo controllers would work in 360?


Use IR leds in the ping pong balls.


There are threads at NOLOVR forum where they are raving at its performance for 360 movement with the new windows driver.


What about for the pimax 4k? It doesn’t use that driver, right?


It is not much different from before the update. Only the controller does not disappear and the pimax screen turns gray after 2 seconds. Only driver updates can not enable 360 tracking.


NOLO Driver for Windows 0.7.0 update

The connection status of the NOLO devices will always be updated on the driver. Users do not need to refresh or restart the driver.
When the tracking sensors of controller are blocked, the position of the controller stays at the last spot detected.
When the tracking sensors of the headset marker are blocked, the position of the headset stays at the last spot detected for 2 seconds, then the graghic will be lost.
Update Reminder. When the next update comes out, NOLO driver will inform users automaticly.


Uh… I still fail to see how this affects the pimax 4k, as it has the 1.2.85 version specifically because nolo won’t work without it.

Great job Pimax for not allowing controller/freepie input as of yet, and forcing us to adopt a pitiful driver yet again @PIMAX-Support.


Make sure you use an Active DP to HDMI adapter. But I have a picture, but no sound through displayport. I know this is a driver problem because it will work when used in monitor mode.


as see on NOLO s forum :

The answer came from nolo.
Nolo is fast and its wonderful!
I am happy to be released on 20th.
I will wait even if it is not released on 20th.

Actually we are working with PiMax to add the ceiling function to the Piplay software.

Most likely the new version will come out on July 20th.

The FOV of our base station is 100°, and the tracking distance is 5.3 meters. So the higher your ceiling is, the larger tracking range you will get.

Thank you!


With osvr hdk 1.4, I installed the nolo on my ceiling of 250Cm and it is possible to trace 360 degrees. However, the space above the head is invisible, but the shape of the tracking area is pyramidal. So there is a space where you can not trace if you raise your hand over your head. In other words, there is a restriction of action in the space above the head. Therefore, all actions are possible only if the height is above 300Cm.
For reference, the pyramid tracking form can be seen by looking at the chaperone boundary, which is visible when the base station is placed in front.



Apparently you didnt see the new pairing guide:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrEywuWb8zQ :wink:
Without it, hard indeed to pair it…


For me the base station never get solid green light.

The led always flashes green and red and never at the same rate.

In Steam VR HOME, camera is shaking a bit.


The base stations LED is flashing red when the base station is moving / not standing on solid ground. Try to change the surface on which the base station stands - i.e. the box in which NOLO was delivered worked fine for me.


OK, here is my feedback:
I received my nolo yesterday. I had difficulties understanding the cables uses, the online nolo manual is very bad on this. The 3 usb cable is for charging only. And for the setup of pimax, we only use one cable to connect the headset marker (the other is for riftcat). Bad point for nolo…
The pairing is also hard to understand if you dont see the video I posted above.
But, once it’s paired, it’s working fine for me. I had fun in “the lab” and I find it very precise to target. I used the piplay 1289 from nolo.
I also have the issue of controllers moving a little when i dont touch them, but I think that it’s because of the technology: it detects motion, so normal that without motion, it’s not precise. No visible problem in use for me.
The other thing that I had trouble with is that the controllers I see are vive’s and the button above the trackpad is not there on the nolo, it’s below the trackpad. You get used to it then.
At first I had trouble getting the pad in the same orientation. Making a double-click on the system button resets it (not well documented and even on videos not visible).
The main issue I have is … room space :frowning: I thought I had enough moving furniture, but steam vr dont accept it… I have to work on it.
Hope this helps!