[Hello Nolo]PiPlay_Nolo Customized Driver Beta Version Piplay 1.2.85


When did you order it or were you a Kickstarter backer. I ordered mine on 7th of June and still yet to receive a tracking no. .


kickstarter backer (last day)


Update: T-3 days! I’m looking forward using NOLO with the ceiling mount! :grinning:


Do you mean that you don’t have to connect the headset marker with a cable ? You just charge it, when it’s full you disconnect it, is that how it works ?

Getting my Nolo tomorrow (finally !), can’t wait to try it


Check steamworkshop. There was a skin for the hydra (but mem serves didn’t fix ig control pics (something 4 steam to try n implement)


Hi guys, just now we released Piplay 1.2.91, please kindly move to this post: Piplay version is available for downloading


No there is an other cable to connect the headset as said. but it’s not the 3 usb cable. You’ll understand when you receive it.


I received a shipping notice about 40 days ago for my Nolo but no delivery yet. The tracking number they issued doesn’t even register. And Nolo support have been ignoring my ‘Where is it’ emails.

Mind you, given the trouble you guys are having, getting my mitts on a Nolo may have been more of an exercise in frustration than a fun experience. Better software, better integration with Pimax hardware and a ceiling mount all seem to be ‘must fix now’ needs.


My Nolo came at last! I don’t think post.nl could work out where my little corner of the world was. Re-shipped by DHL.

If you are thinking of buying one of these, I would say ‘don’t’. My initial feeling is that this should not have been released without a functional ceiling mount/software and/or at least two base stations. It is only really of any use in its default configuration in games/apps where you always face forward (i.e. next to nothing).

Pairing is fiddly but works.

You must run Steam room setup before each session (this a must is else you’ll end up beneath the floor and pointing in a random direction). You might need to re-run if (as happens quite often) the centre of the gameplay area and view location drift apart, if controllers are pointing off to the side or default view is not centred. A lot of games get confused if the controllers get too close to each other or if you cross your arms (perhaps due to one controller or your arm blocking the other)

I quickly discovered that it’s not worth trying any room scale games due to Nolo’s limitations but I ran through a few free VR standing-only titles on Steam. Apart from Google Earth VR the experience was unrewarding.

  • Acan’s call. Can’t teleport. Graphical glitches. Hard crashes my PC after about a minute (every time)
  • Accounting. Make sure you calibrate your height correctly in room setup. Clear space around player required. Involves Nolo-unfriendly turning.
  • The Bellows. Floats around with only the vaguest sense of control
  • Budget cuts demo. Works quite well but at some point you will want to turn around and Nolo doesn’t like that
  • The cubicle. Player centre moves from time-to-time for no reason and controller control feels vague. Involves Nolo-unfriendly turning.
  • Google Earth VR. Works very well
  • HALP! Seems cute and works well. Clear space around player required. Only a short way into the game but I suspect turning will be required at some point
  • The lab. Some stuff works well. But some mini games require you to turn around which returns to the Nolo’s main failing
  • Lazerbait. You know what? This might be OK but I’m too much of a numpty to work out the gameplay mechanics
  • nVidia VR funhouse. You can kinda get away with not being able to turn in most mini games but controllers drift off centre quickly and it’s difficult to add any force or accuracy to things like throwing or archery.
  • Skeet VR target shooting. Involves Nolo-unfriendly turning.
  • Spell Fighter VR. Controllers immediately drift off centre and stay off centre. You can teleport or trackpad steer which both work reasonably well but the controls are a bit un-intuitive (not the Nolo’s fault this time) or perhaps don’t work with the Nolo setup. Some instructions require you to call out instructions. Will that mean setting up Cortana? Dunno but I lost interest anyway
  • Steam VR home. Limited by the non-turning thing but Steam VR home doesn’t seem to do anything useful so no great loss.
  • Surgeon simulator VR: meet the medic. This could well work. I was testing in too small an area but all items are reachable within an arms length to the front, left and right.
  • Trials on Tatooine. Not a lack of interaction required: a bit of walking, a bit of leaning, some light sabre waving. Works OK with the Nolo. Treat it like a short Star Wars VR movie
  • Wake Up. Involves Nolo-unfriendly turning.

Despite my ceiling being lower than the specified minimum, I might knock-up an ad-hoc ceiling mount and give it another whirl.


General feeling seems to be released earlier than should.

However being it was a kickstarted products can’t be expected to be fully polished.

I can’t comment directly on NoloVR experience ceiling mount software is functional with PiPlay (see guide posted by @PIMAX-Support)

I would recommend check with other fellow NoloVR backers here to see what possible tips & tweaks/tricks might be able to improve experience.

There is special instructions for Nolo with Pimax (ie unload nolo driver & use the one included with piplay)


Agreed. Nolo just sucks. I doubt it will get any better, I think the drift is a mechanical problem not a software problem.

I’m really hoping Pimax own controllers, released with the 8k, will be better


Could you please add the option to disable the NoloVR in Piplay and allow the use of the original NoloVR drivers. At least until this is no longer a beta addition, and you build in all the options that are available in the NoloVR driver, like the option to set what button will turn you around 180degrees.