HELP: Blue led, black screen!


For months my pimax worked fine.

Now, i need to connect and disconect it several times to the screen to work ans show the “PIMAX” logo… Tryed everything: hard reset, unninstalation, etc.

Usualy all i got is a black screen, but the led is blue!

Its a USB recognition problem. Maybe a Win 10 update issue. Windows problem’s solution says that the PIMAX is older than the USB 3.0, wich is not true.

Win 10
Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb



Maybe trie tge pitool download. You won’t need to uninstall piplay. But will need to kill piplay & piserver before launching.


Don’t think it would be a win 10 update issue or we would have lots of visitors reporting this issue.

Which version of piplay are you using? If you are not on pitool yet, maybe give it a try as per Helio’s suggestion above


What is this “tge pitool”?

A strange solution: if i disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable, after oppening the Steam VR, the screen start to work again. If i do this in the main PIMAX logo screen, nothing happens. Very strange, but at least works…


Tge should be the. Android mistype. :confused::joy:


My solution stop working ;/

Now all i got is the black screen, with the blue led…

Tryed Pitool and diferent configurations. No diference.

Please help!

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Sorry for the late reply. We will arrange technician to help you solve the issue asap. Please be patient. Thanks in advance.