Help choosing IL2 battle, which to buy?


I’m after advice on which IL2 battle pack to buy.

I spend most of my time in DCS. I’m an Aussie boy who grew up watching our air force fly hornets so have always had the hornet dream. I imagine I’ll always spend most of my time in the hornet now, and a little bit in the warthog because it’s just such a fun plane to fly in battle (when you know you won’t die).

However being after optimal vr experiences has brought me to IL2 series. I’m definitely going to get Flying Circus. Putting around in wood and canvas shooting at each other is way too attractive to me. I can also justify one WWII battle pack. So which one? I’m mostly after vr experience, so the best looking map and most fun. I don’t really mind which aircraft thus why I’m not picking the battle on the aircraft it comes with.

Help us out. Tell me your opinion.


I think Kuban has the latest graphics updates but, I could be wrong. I initially bought BOM, but picked up BOS on sale later on, I grabbed up Flying Circus (ea) the moment it appeared. I will likely spend much time with it as is grows. Flying the DR1 in VR is so sweet. Can’t wait for the DVIIF. It will also be nice when FC gets it’s own map. Next to helicopters in DCS, WW1 is where I will likely spend a lot of my VR time.


I’ve read all the graphics engine tweaks etc that came from bok have been implemented in bos. However I’ve also read bok is visually more spectacular with forrested mountains, islands, straits etc and is also more demanding on pc because of it- which creates further dilemma- I want IL2 for best vr experience flying (expecting better vr implementation and better frame rates) but am now faced with more beauty maybe not running at such great frame rates and wondering if going with less beauty for more frames is better. Do you know if bok in vr runs great frame rates on high end pcs?


Don’t own bok. How it runs in VR is not so important as how it will run on the 8K. Until I know that I won’t expand my scenery library any further. For my purposes I have plenty to fly and fly over.


I’ve stopped basing any decisions on the 8k now. Whilst I was holding off on vr stuff, waiting in the dark was bad. Now I’m taking the attitude it doesn’t exist until I’m holding it, I can move on and buy some toys again.
In the end the 8k is to play flight and driving sims for me, not to play what works on 8k. If the pc can’t drive it then it’s back to other vr headsets. If the 8k isn’t very good then back to other headsets. As much as I want more fov and resolution, the rift is enough to never go back to a monitor…it is enough for now until the experience is better elsewhere.
I’ve found myself looking for better performance than dcs can give, and I can run dcs at a pretty solid 45fps only dipping when between buildings in cities with nearly every setting on high. So I’m realising I’m screwed when it comes to the 8k now. Just back to chasing good flying experiences.


I went for BoK and early access Flying Circus. Had a play last night. Beautiful. It really has great vr performance. Smooth as butter on quite high settings. I need to start pushing the SS further and see how far I can get.

Managed to take off and land quite a few aircraft without crashing them, except a German bomber that I tried to take off from a too short airstrip. Went well on a longer strip.

It’s got me seriously thinking about the 5k instead of the 8k given the announcement the 5k is performing better. I really want smooth frames in my pimax. IL2 gives hope, but DCS will struggle with frames and I still think I’ll play DCS more than IL2.


I bought il2 bos 1 year ago at a keystore. Thus the game has a good price-performance ratio for me. All addons are too expensive for me and their discounts are a joke. Nevertheless a great vr game.

As soon as “bodenplatte” goes down to $30, I’ll buy it.


Yes I’m only ever going to buy any extras or other maps when there’s a decent discount. I just really wanted Flying Circus but since it’s early release I also wanted something more complete, so got suckered on high price to get it now.

It’s great for vr performance. I prefer DCS overall though at this early stage of IL2. If only DCS could run as smooth as IL2 on my system.