Help! I changed address in the kickstarter survey


Hi, I had to change my address in kickstarter survey, i want to know if that’s enough or I have to report someone of pimax staff so they can update some internal database that they have?


Change of address

I would send a private message to @matthew.xu & include @xunshu. Just in case.


Thanks for the answer. I just sent a message. :slight_smile:


I’ve moved aswell, but as a new user my trust level for messaging seems to be too low. Either that or I haven’t tried hard enough to find the functionality.


Mojo bumped your user level up.


Fantastic, thanks for the quick help Heliosurge.


Your welcome. The system typically upgrades users as they learn/use forum functions… Ie quoting, @username, posting links etc.


Hi, I have changed my address on the survey as well. @kloperius and @mojojojo, did the Pimax staff needed to do something when you contacted them about this? i.e. should I contact them too?



Best to contact them with your backer details & address info to be sure.


@Vince300 after sending a message with my new address(as suggested in post #2 by Heliosurge), I received a reply that my information has been updated within less than 24hrs.


I feel that I’m going to be in the same boat as I’m going to be moving soon however I don’t know exactly where to so cannot update the address as of yet. I would recommend that pimax send out a confirmation email before each batch of units is shipped. The kind of thing where if they don’t get a reply from you they send to the address they already have but otherwise will update their shipping address


Thanks @Heliosurge and @mojojojo for your input. I ended up contacting through Kickstarter, where they told me that my address change had been taken into account. However they are now preferring the use of their support address,


I also need to update my address but I am unable to message anyone. Could you please upgrade my account so that I can do so?



I have also updated my address in Kickstarter and wanted to inform Pimax. Thankfully I found this topic, but I could not find where a “new message” button would be (in the Messages screen).

I read above about the system automatically upgrading users with activities. Since I haven’t had any activity, this message would be the first! :slight_smile:

@Heliosurge Should I post content in other topics in the forum (relevant to each topic ofcourse) to be able to send a message? Or would posting here be enough?


So, it seems by posting here and interacting in the forum in the past few minutes, I received a few badges, including one that makes sending messages possible now :smile:

Thank you @Heliosurge for your earlier post above :slight_smile:


Your welcome.

By all means post & interact. Welcome to the pimax forums! There are many knowledgeable folks here if you need assistance.


Hi @Heliosurge, I need to message the admins about a change of address. Can you help me bump my level to allow for messaging?



Sorry about that. Have raised your user level. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Thanks @Heliosurge :slight_smile:


Hi Heliosurge,

I have the same issue, can you bump me too ?