Help! Pimax 5k+ not detected in PiTool and LED is solid Red



I just got my Pimax 5k+ and as other have reported mine won´t turn on either, LED is solid red and PiTool says the HDMI/DP is disconnected and the LED have never been green but mine doesn´t even detect vive controllers or base stations and only gives me the error message “Disconnected: Diagnose (10600)”.
But when i updated PiTool version from .91 to .95, it later automatically updated the firmware in the HMD and adjusting the volume with the arrow buttons next to the power button works just fine so i guess USB works at least.

I have an Nvidia GTX 1080TI with the latest drivers and i have reaseated HMD Cable in headset, changed displayports in GPU, started up with only HMD connected to GPU, restarted services.

Any ideas of what to try next?


Try this

Other solution, try to move the headset around the base station.
Not recommend 95, 91 is better.


Thanks, i tried version 91 as well without any luck, also unplugged all USB except pimax which is connected directly to MB and have no display port adapter. I have not moved any files in lighthouse, but though my lighthouses never have shown as connected im not sure if that will help, will try it any way.


Already disable power management?


Yes, the one named "USB Root Hub (USB 3.0) and Pimax is connected in the USB 3.0 port


For mine, I had to change the USB port I connected to before it would track. But IIRC, the chevron wasn’t red. Maybe try re-flashing the firmware (I haven’t done this, but others on the forum have so you can search and find instructions).


I´ll look into it, thanks


This worked for me too. Simply changing the USB port



Can I remotely control you through the teamviewer app?


Sure, i have pm/mailed you


Hi, I have the same issue, what was the fix?


In my case it was a faulty cable


I had re-installed PiTools and this happened to me. I wasted a bunch of time then found that the pi_service was not running. I uninstalled PiService and PiTool again from the Apps tool and installed and all good.