Help! Unable to set up 4k HMD on PiTool and PiPlay, menu text is invisible!


Hi, please help:
I am unable to set up my Pimax 4k HMD (on the latest Pitool V1.0.1.91) because the Pitool menu is corrupted with invisible menu box when I click on Check Update and Calibrate HMD where I am unable to see or select anything such as setting up the room and HMD. See images:

Upon clicking on Check Version (update) I get an empty menu box in front of the super overly bright main menu, also same thing happens when I click on setting up room and Calibrate HMD. It is impossible with empty menu (transparent menu interface)

Does anyone know how to bring back the normal brightness colors of this menu, and how to make menu box and its text NOT transparent and invisible? (Menu box is the one that comes to the front when selecting anything on the main menu)


Try this latest version please.
For 5K&8K we suggest to use Pitool.
Piplay is for 4K only.


PiPlay does same thing with the graphically corrupted menu.
I am unable to select anything on the menu for HMD Calibration! This is very frustrating…
See the pic:

The pop up menu is totally white-out, and take a look at the Windows10 menu and now compare it with the PiPlay menu. The white square box in front is the menu to calibrate and set up the HMD, which is totally invisible!

Help please.


I think PiTool is semi-transparent or something. I came across this weird graphic corruption on PiTool. See image below:

Super Bizarre!


Is it possible to remote control to you via teamviewer application?


Hi, yes, I don’t know how to use TeamViewer though


Download from teamviewer official website.Send me your ID&password after setup.


SOLVED (temporarily).
So I did a fresh Win10 install, and these are the steps I took to prevent PiTool menu graphics corruption:

So I noticed that I had to run PiTool app BEFORE i plug in 4k headset. If you plug in your 4k headset before running PiTool, Windows will start seacrhing for driver online and will start download P1 Oculus. I noticed that’s what causes this problem with corrupt PiTool app menu (and PiPlay too).
So try to run PiTool or PiPlay before you plug in your VR Headset!