HELP!: Upside Sync Error


For months my pimax worked normally. I only watch VR vids and movies.

Then, it start to have some sync problems, with the uside part. Something like this:


The image keep flickering, shaking in the upside part, like a sync error.

Now, after just one or two minutes of use, my pimax 4k, start to behave like this, till the whole upside part keeps moving alone, in a complete circle.

OBS: its not an app issue. Its more like to be a hardware/firmware/driver problem.

Somebody have experienced something like this?

GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6gb

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hi,i am technical support of the Pimax,can you give me your Email and i will help you to check the problem.




Still waiting for contact…


Still no contact…

Please, somebody can help me?


@PIMAX-Support @xunshu @Sean.Huang @Alan.sun

Added a few pokes for you Rrstf2. If Alan is not free the rest of the team should be able to help you out.




i have the same error.
GPU: ATI R9 290X
newest ATI drivers
newest PiPlay
newest firmware 1.00.265
Windows 10 is up to ate

the same error occurs in Pimax or Video mode.
It does not matter if this is Steam VR or PimaxVR
The error is always visible, even in the IPD Adjustment

Is there a solution?



Please use the support link in the top banner to report your issue.



i added a picture, maybe this helps.