HELP!: Upside Sync Error


For months my pimax worked normally. I only watch VR vids and movies.

Then, it start to have some sync problems, with the uside part. Something like this:


The image keep flickering, shaking in the upside part, like a sync error.

Now, after just one or two minutes of use, my pimax 4k, start to behave like this, till the whole upside part keeps moving alone, in a complete circle.

OBS: its not an app issue. Its more like to be a hardware/firmware/driver problem.

Somebody have experienced something like this?

GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6gb

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hi,i am technical support of the Pimax,can you give me your Email and i will help you to check the problem.




Still waiting for contact…


Still no contact…

Please, somebody can help me?


@PIMAX-Support @xunshu @PM_Sean @alan.sun

Added a few pokes for you Rrstf2. If Alan is not free the rest of the team should be able to help you out.