Hey 4K folks, how's life treating ya?


I am sure some of you 4K people couldn’t help but notice the dumpster fire next door…

Question for all you 4K owners- how has Pimax been with regard to developing and optimizing the 4K? Please touch on both the software kit and firmware separately. Does the unit run better today?

Let’s keep the discussion to the headset and your QOL with it. We probably don’t need to talk about how Pimax may not return emails or the likes because… you know… dumpster fire :slight_smile:



Well tbh at present the 4k development has been slow due to them concentrating on the 8k project.

Firmware last update was the 265 works well. Though they had to creste a special firmware fir Vega Users as Amd broke things.

Piplay software releases are still flowing but a. Number of issues remain with no changes ie ghosting. Even with a variety of suggestions to look into.

While I still enjoy the 4k, no where near as much since trying the 8k. Unless there has been significant changes since the v2. I will have no complaints in quality of visuals compared to the 4k.

I just hope the team can come back to the 4k & try overclocking the display etc to improve the ghosting effect.


How long have you had the 4K, Helio? Can you maybe give us an idea of how much Pimax have improved the unit since you owned it?

Just as a contrast, my DK2 had about 2-3 FW updates over the first year or so. Those gave pretty good incremental improvements. After that, no more FW updates.

The SDK was regularly updated, and many of the updates came with few if not negative results. BUT they then dropped the Time warp stuff and my HMD was pretty much transformed.


I have had my 4k pimax since Dec 2016 & created my account here Jan 3 2017.

Since then we were using Piplay 1.1.92 which was the time this headset had started to show good promise.

At that time Piplay was quite buggy. Often it was quite the dance just get it to connect. Once you got it connected worked pretty good.

At that time there were several modes. Pimax Mode(Direct Mode/Steamvr) 2 or 3 Oculus modes & extemd mode.

1.1.92 used Steam’s compositor. & Ghosting still there.

In later versions Connectimg the headset got easier however they had started to work on their own driver & dropped down to Pimax Mode & Video Mode. However the Render was not rendering at the same quality as 1.1.92. So many of us stayed with 1.1.92. Finally around 1.2.93? Their compositor was seen as equal to slightly better. But ghosting remains an issue & fluxuates from same as 1.1.92 to worst.
Other new things implemented nicer ui, render Multiplier, brightness slider.

Overal better but often at times releases have felt like needed more time to test before releasing. We also in those early days didn’t have a list of changes between versions. But there growing.


Had the Pimax 4K since Dec. 2016, Pimax would release updates that seemed to make the 4K’s quality suffer more and more including ghosting.

Ended up settling on Piplay 1.1.92 after various attempts to see what the new updates brought.

Unfortunately, 6 months or so later after too many disassembles/reassembles, the Pimax 4K simply had enough and it gave up on me.

Ended up buying the Rift CV1 within 2 weeks & re-bought the 4K within 6 months or so.

No positional tracking, ghosting, dull panel & no controllers and still, the 4K was re-bought because the Rift CV1 simply could not compare but distant objects were more easy to see.

OLED, Touch controllers & positional tracking, nice but the SDE on the Rift CV1 really annoyed and still annoys me.

Experimented with various input/positional tracking options…

Fast forward to now and what do you know, the Pimax 4K is still going strong with added VRCovers/Vive wands/basestations & trackers.

It took a while to become satisfactory in other areas from 3rd parties…


Had my pimax a while now, cant remember when but came from an Oculus experience. Pimax 4k was a serious boost in clarity over the oculus. however as mentioned above it still has its flaws. no 6dof, dull screens, and lack luster brightness, and the ghosting! yes it has been improved over the last few versions of piplay, but its still there and very noticeably there as well!

@xunshu has said in previous posts that the engineers will still be looking at the ghosting and may be able to deal with it with software or hardware upgrades, she never said if these would be applied to the 4k though? maybe these are the upgrades she was talking about that are in the 5k+ now?

I have had a few hardware breakages though… mainly on the head straps clasps, but pimax have been kind enough to ship me replacements for those broken pieces for free~!

cant argue with that…

Eno .


Thanks for the input, Eno. This is definitely a sign of good will on the company’s part.


My main reason for backing the 8K was due to faith in the company’s goodwill. I haven’t had issues with my 4K myself but the way everyone else was helped this company built a lot of faith


I bought an Oculus Rift, I’m playing daily and I’m really happy.
I will keep Pimax4k for movies and “non VR” games, but I will probably never buy another Pimax, I feel abandoned by the developers.


What happened?

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Just click on his name and you can read his post, saves him repeating himself :slight_smile:



I do understand with the kickstarter taking up all the resources p4k advance has become stagnant.

We May see soon see some fruit on somethings. Pitool does pickup the 4k headset in it. While I cannot say with any certainty. We may have the ability to launch Oculus titles without revive again.

Hopefully the team will have sometime to explore some software suggestions for the ghosting soon like @crony suggested overdriving the 4k refresh rate for example. We just need to wait & see.


Mine’s in a box, havnt touched it since I bought a windows mr headset about 6 months ago.
I liked it but the ipd was all wrong for me and the ghosting wasn’t good for racing games.
I’d like to see if it worked with the new piTool software that the 8k uses but apart from that I might eBay of just ditch it.
The kickstarter one will be for racing and I’m happy with the dell visors inside out tracking for beat Sabre etc.
The 4k however isn’t bad for movies. Probably it’s best use case.


What s/n is it? I may be keen to take it off your hands for my son?



It’s a 100xxxx the full 4k model. I havnt decided yet as I said, it is good for movies and freaking people out with the roller coaster demo etc


I’m using mine for movies while waiting for my 8K… the biggest issue I have with it is the restricted field of view, something the 8K will fix. You can’t see both sides of a virtual IMAX screen without turning your head.
Otherwise, it’s true that the experience is very good, specially with 3D movies. You haven’t seen Avatar if you haven’t seen it with a VR headset on a giant screen.


Its fine JayBee, i’m in no hurry, and my son could always use my 4k when 8k comes out. hes just a little bit inpatient, typical teen!



Your post reminds me about something very interesting: I have strong myopia and the Pimax IPD software allows me to play without glasses because everything is crystal clear in the center. I tried this on the Rift and everything became a strong blur, even modifying the IPD mechanically.


They never fixed ghost, they did not produced VR controls and basically abandoned the original model users to invest time in a new product.


way less drift and sharper for me…