Hey everyone, I am a backer/developer trying to get information on still not receiving 5k+ HMD - backer number 35XX


Hey Pimax,

For the past month I have opened, and have had closed, 3 Kickstarter support tickets trying to find out what might be going on.

Here is our situation: I received an email in December that our HMD would be coming soon.

We are on the list as “shipped” as backer #35XX for an extremely long time now without any idea as to arrival.

I have tried to get a tracking number or some form of response with no luck other than closed tickets since Feb 2nd, one of which said to email "support@pimaxvr.com" which has been done a week ago on March 13th with no responses.

As I understand, everyone is having trouble contacting through email so I am now unsure of how to proceed but hope for luck here.

The quicker I can get an answer, the quicker we can start to plan for optimizing our game and ensuring we are Pimax-ready at launch, or figuring out an alternative. Plus I am just excited for it as I plan on living in Skyrim for quite awhile after we ship.

If anyone can assist or even help us understand if it might be normal to be a Kickstarter backer without an HMD in the USA - Our worry is it might be lost as we are now seeing Preorders arriving? Specifically Los Angeles, CA.

Anything would be great as we are in the dark. Loved the HMD when we tried it but eager to get it in-house so we can have some fun with it. Thanks in advance everyone.

@Dallas.Hao @mozi


Okay you have tagged the 2 pimax members tgat should be able to look into & get you fixed up

@Dallas.Hao please be sure to add him to developers group & earlybackers.


sorry for inconvenience! could you tell me your backer number so that I can check more effectively.


Welcome to join our developer&earlybackers group


Hi Mozi,

Really appreciate the quick response here- we are number 3553. Thank you for the help Mozi. :smile:


Thanks Dallas appreciate the help


Thanks to you too Helio, great to get some feedback :+1:


Is there a list of different groups somewhere ? As for the dev group, requirements ? Just wondering :slight_smile:


Hi Mozi,

Still waiting to hear something…

Really looking for a tracking number or explanation of what might be going on. We still are in the dark. Thanks.

@Dallas.Hao @mozi


Hey Dallas,

Haven’t received any responses from anyone yet and checking in again.

Are we able to get info somehow on where our HMD might be, tracking info by chance?

It is a little unsettling pre-orders are receiving their purchases and our kickstarter pledge is ignored for so long. Still have no info, no package, and no real response from anyone…

@Dallas.Hao @mozi


Hey trying you all again. Any idea what might be holding things up? Thanks.

@mozi @Dallas.Hao