Hey guys, I'm William


Hi my name is William, I’m responsible for the demo space in the Pimax office. Besides demoing the headsets to visitors and managing computers, headsets, and other devices, I’m interested in playing new games and making videos. I’m not the most experienced photographer, but I will work hard to improve my filming skills. If you find anything to improve, @ me here in the forum. If you like the video, let me know as well, because I will be super motivated! Thanks for your understanding and support :slight_smile:


@DKruohuo That last video of elite was by far the best filmed imo. I would really like to see skyrim vr when it is aval. Also some Serious Sam 3 vr would be nice also. Thanks for the videos as each one seems to get filmed better and better your dedication to your work shows.


@DKruohuo, the video was awesome. Please make more. Tho, from your honest point of view, how is the SDE?


Thank you
I’ve been waiting for the skyrim vr and I’m ready to hollow out my wallet
It will accept my shot within the first week of release


Well done on the fixing of the fps sync issue!
Looks so much better now :smiley:

One personal suggestion I would have, is that the camera tends to jump between items of interest which makes the whole thing a bit shakey.
I suggest making slower smoother movements to keep the picture clear. =]


Thanks for your advice
I will do my best to adjust in the following video:grin:


One other thing!
Can we get the tracks you’re using in the description? =]


Video music haunts me and I find it difficult to find the right music from a non-copyright music library. In the next video, I will add the music name to the description.


I’m glad that in the last few video’s you were able to get rid of the flickering effect.
And the elite dangerous vid is in 4k. Awesome. Good job. Keep it up!

My advice would be, if you have a vive headset available, to make some good quality comparison video’s. :+1:

(Also if possible could you record a voiceclip with the built-in microphone?)


Could you do a video on The Climb ?


Did Pimax finally hire a camera person?


From my honest point of view, I cannot see SDE with my naked eyes.


Does the tracking and inside out tracking of the M1 work fine?


@DKruohuo if people want to see sde, you have to zoom up to the display more than moving headset closed to the panel in the game.

Try to check this channel, he ever shoot the pimax 4k.

But I understand that the video will be different with the real point of view, so may people will think different about the result.

I can seen the pixel from elite dangerous video (on the text), but still acceptable after testing the pimax 4k last week (8k look better).


Xing has pretty good graphics, I’d like to see how it looks through 8k lens, and some movie theater, (like netflix theater in Bigscreen, 4k movie or so would be great), thank you!


Hi William,
are you allowed to share performance related information? Such as how Elite runs with the 8k and on what hardware?
Many thanks for the latest video, as others have said, this is the best quality video of the Pimax 8k yet!

As a suggestion: pls take more shots of distant text, without leaning in close, that would show legibility better. When you move close, text is readable on current-gen headsets too, so that’s not a good way to show the Pimax capabilities.



Hello @DKruohuo , glad to meet you.

I have something to say about games that worth to be demoed.

One of the most important game that really made the difference between Pimax BE and Vive & Rift was DCS.
It is so because DCS is a game that mostly relies on objects like airplanes seen at big distance, hence resolution is very important.

If for shooter games differences between Vive & Rift and Pimax BE was minimal, the importance of bigger resolution becomes important and distinctive for games like DCS, or any game that requires larger distances. Elite Dangerous is almost ok, it is to dark and space is just black with some stars and planets easy to see. What I need is to learn if you can detect the shape of a plane from a longer distance. This is very important in IL-2 Sturmovik where you don’t have radars and many users complain that they accidentally shoot on friends because of fuselage not being clearly visible.

So, that’s why maybe you will consider doing a detailed demo of a DCS mission, this game being free to download. An IL-2 Sturmovik demo would be incredible useful and amazing.

Ah, I forgot to mention something which is of a paramount importance: the huge FOV. This FOV will definitively mark the odds in favor of Pimax 8K players in all airfighting games available for VR.


Bro, Just use anything from here: NoCopyrightSounds


Welcome! Glad to meet the man behind the lens, keep up the great work!


@DKruohuo Hi. Try to make comparisons of one game with other helmets in the future