Hey guys, I'm William


Thank you very much for your efforts William!



Can I suggest the following tips:

  1. Prior to each Through The Lens videos show 1 second of the external headset for legitimacy.

  2. Buy one of those mannequin headset holders that look like a head, carve out the inside and put your camera inside the head looking out a hole through one of the eyes. Credit to @Heliosurge who had this idea in one of our discussions elsewhere. This way you have a mount for both HMD and camera that you can move around, it also does not leak light for better contrast (or let external florescent light flicker get in your video) and will be parallel to the screen so minimized keystone/fresnel effects. This would also allow you to record the hmd being placed onto this custom camera rig for my point in #1

  3. Take a look at the following links for tips on shutter speed / exposure when capturing LCD. They may help.


  1. Get an AdobeCC account setup and learn how to title your videos with typical flow of a) branded Intro b) video c) outro. Also use YouTube export compression and resolution. Use either Premiere Pro or After Effects for this. This type of work could all be done in just After Effects + Adobe Media Encoder.

A title:

And for export:

I hope some of that is helpful.



Great work!


@DKruohuo thanks for the vids! One suggestion I have is if you have access to a Vive headset, it would be great to do videos that show what it looks like in the Vive in comparison with the 8K, so that there is a point of reference to judge the improvement.


Can you please do a video showcasing if vorpx has support, if it is native FOV or 150-160 fov stretched to 200. Finally, can you comment on this vorpx implementation and what you think about the stretching if there is any? What are your thoughts on it in terms of gameplay issues?


Would anybody else appreciate an overlay with a ring per 10 degrees of FOV, or something like that?


VorpX has to have drivers to run th Pimax as it does for all HMDs. The author has been contacted to do so by Pimax and many of us but refuses to even acknowledge or even respond. Looks like VorpX is a lost cause. Shame, Such a good Idea.


I was digging the music in the Doom demo :slight_smile:


William, maybe try and use a decent camera rather than your great grandfathers


I also am requesting rocket league in vorpX. VorpX will come with a preinstalled profile for geometry 3d rocket league. @DKruohuo
Maybe do a few games in vorpX.
Rocket lane shold run great and you can even set the in game fps to 180fps :wink:

Before you start vorpx:
Add a profile to nvidia control panel for rocket league
Set maximum prerendered frames to 4
Set display power to single display maximum performance mode
Set multithreaded optimization to on
Turn compute performance to on
Leave other settings alone.

VorpX settings to use:
Open up vorpX settings by squeezing the grip labeled shift and the other grip button will have a label on it that will change to vorpx in game settings.

Do NOT use cinema viewing environment it wastes gpu. Use the floating screen in space. I also don’t recommend setting it to where the screen is locked to your view, it should be in a static location.
Set 3d to geometry.
Don’t mess with settings i dont mention.
On the next tabs you will find settings for liquid sync, turn that off
Turn sharpening up all the way (combining this with in game antialiasing looks beautiful)
Turn the saturation up a little.
Turn of 3d shadows.

In rocket league’s actual game settings:
Turn off vertical sync
Set anti aliasing to fxaa
Set fps to 250
Set everything to performance


Hi William. Just some motivation. I found this today, and I’m wondering if you might be able to figure out how to get some of this content into the 8k. I don’t even know if it is out there in public, but this is what the Unreal engine has in store for us. Might be fun to see this in VR if some of it is out for anyone to load up in Unreal .

In other words, if you could get some of this content to work, it would blow peoples minds when you go to show the 8k at conventions.


Did you watch the latest ones? isnt it already fixed ?


Regarding recording LCD and Flicker? Yes it is! Elite Dangerous does not show flicker and looks 10x better now. Maybe because I ranted about flicker in another thread several weeks ago and then posted some tips on how to fix it :slight_smile: Anyway, its all good if the videos keep improving as shown in the latest one. :thumbsup:


I think doing comparisons between the competition through the lenses would be the best thing to show. Right now its hard to gauge how good the Pimax looks compared to other headsets when their isn’t any reference for the other headsets.


Can you do a Titanic: Honor and Glory demo ? This game has stunning graphics just good for M1.


comparisons between Pimax 8K and Vive would be good but as stated, it would be best to use a mockup head camera holder for the comparisons so the eye to lens distance is consistent between the HMD’s.

Only then can a real comparison be shot. The other issue would then be needing the use of a Wide Angle Lense on the Camera to capture the FOV difference. This in itself would introduce distortion to the captured image pending on the lens used. Might also be hard to do at such a close focal distance of the Dummy Head and the HMD lense.

By the way William, welcome.

Your Elite Dangerous Vid was good, thanks.:slight_smile:


Get yerself a copy of VorpX so you can give a gander at non-vr titles, since you are going for what is possible in graphics, not necessarily gameplay.

If the 8k delivers as promised, people are going to want to use it just to go places and see things, not just to play games.


Real question does vorpx support wide fov?

I don’t know is why i ask.


Important question. I wonder who is assigned at Pimax to figure such things out? :slight_smile:


Hello William, thank you for taking requests of specific software to demo on the Pimax 8K. Would you kindly show off EVE: Valkyrie for us? I would love to see how the headtracking weapons on the heavy fighter benefits from the improved spatial awareness that comes from the increased field of view! Thanks.

This is what I am referring to specifically: https://youtu.be/v5tIJa4Zgls?t=46