Hey guys, I'm William


Hello, William:

Can you test Lone Echo with Revive, please?



I second that. Great game on Oculus


Curious as to how you think he might show you that when shooting just one lens. The other videos don’t show the fov capabilities of the headset.


How about Skyrim VR? everyone seems to love that one =]


With a fish eye lens.


I am downloading :grin:


Thanks, I will do my best to make a better video


@DKruohuo Hi William. Can we get another DCS video with the new 2.5 patch? We would love to see how readable the instruments and HUD are in the cockpit.

Thank you.


Sorry, everyone. I did not reply to you in the 8K forum. After these few days, I will reply to everyone’s comments. The good news is that I am downloading Skyrim VR. If you have background music suitable for this game, you can tell me, I will thank you very much

PS: My English is terrible, above comes from Google Translate


Go for Skyrim! There is such hype right now sindse it just released on steam. It would be good to put a video up of it on the 8k. Perfect timing for views!


It will join my shot list


Please include the game sound effects?. And if you really want to show things off, do a Vive through the lens prior to the Pimax through the lens :slight_smile:


Hi wiliiam, thanks for the videos. can i ask if its possible to test redout? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-vxMaiG-g0 And can yout try for example running everspace with pimax 8k in gog version? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s64mWNejMQ8



Would be an interesting exercise. Not sure using a fisheye while shooting one lens would be anymore informative than moving you head really close to a monitor so in fills your periphery and then cupping your hands beside your head and narrowing them to 110 to judge the amount spatial awareness increase.


think i’m the only one who still doubts pimax can run oculus exclusive games like echo arena…

Can you prove me wrong and download “echo arena” which is FREE from the oculus store and record it?


Yes please show skyrim,

so i can stop playing it and wait for the big field of view with the pimax 8k

and then play the game further(but its hard to stop playing it lol)


I suggest something relevant to get people in the mood. This would do just fine! :smiley:
Skyrim Music

Alternate version


And use the free version of 4K Video Downloader to extract it straight out of youtube.


How is the skyrim vr video going? Are you uploading it soon?


Skyrim vr is in progress, yes. To my disappointment, they did not improve their image quality. They only adapt to VR. Today I will finish shooting。