Hey guys, I'm William


I’d have to look but apparently you might be able to use the mods for regular skyrim to boost quality.

If you want a couple of titles to showcase hmd quality try

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter with vr dlc
Nature’s Trek

There is also a Deus Ex VR demo that is free.


Yes, Skyrim vr will be a sustainable photography project, but I’m not sure it can use quality optimization mod. I will give priority to DLC shooting


Ok guys. A very dramatic situation happened and I have to give up the Skyrim vr video I shot today because it was bad. I am loading a series of mods to improve the image quality of the Skyrim vr and then start shooting again. I will keep updating my progress here.


Well I’m sure most folks should understand that its going to look more like a ps3/xbox 360 game (perhaps not the best to showcase pimax 8k)



Can you do a test of a game with Vorpx and tell us how it works? Shoot a video of it too please


Don’t worry, MOD is always Skyrim’s main body, and Fallout 4.I hope my computer can work with so many mods.


i think the game looks amazing…

i tried it first without the mods and was blown away already…
But now with mods its even better,a superb immersive vr game.

But dont forget to turn off adaptive resolution in de vr settings menu!!
I hope this will even blown me away even more on the pimax 8K…


wonder, is Skyrim VR using texture and graphics improvement from Skyrim Special Edition ( oct 2016) ?


What…? i think you’re doing something wrong. It lookss beautiful for most of us (even without mods)…are all graphics put to high? did you turn off adaptive resolution…? did you turn up supersampling?

anyways, i still haven’t continued playing the vanishing of ethan carter vr on my vive because it looked SO REAL. So i saved it for my pimax, would be amazing if you do a through the lens video for it!!


indeed you need to turn off adaptive resolution,i also want to stop the game to play it on the pimax 8K.
But it is to hard to stop lol…


Yeah with Ethan haven’t played too much of tye game itself but so enjoy just exploring. I have the pimax 4k.


Also with skyrim vr to disable TAA which makes the image blurred. You need to use a consol command or it breaks the menu system if you disable the comfort settings at the same time.

TAA hf .0001

I actually like TAA hf .4 its a good ballance of AA for the vive but with the pimax you should be able to disable it.


Yeah just mod it as much as you like and then try again…
Don’t wait to long to upload something or the hype about it will be over :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This link maybe of interest.


Is it as good as Ethan Carter? Might get it this week. Also, what mods do you recommend?


make a video without mods. They can severely degrade the performance of the game


This game might be of interest.



I guess this is a real boring suggestion but I still would like to see Virtual Desktop in “action”. This could really show the sharpness of the image, since everybody should have an idea how windows fonts should look like. Maybe playing a Bluray movie would also help to give an impression.

Yes, that would interest me as well. A game that really makes you motion-sick from the get go. :smiley:


@DKruohuo have you managed to mod skyrim and make a recording??
I don’t understand why you wouldn’t do it. It would get a crazy amount of views, honestly…
More than any other vr game out there at this point in time. It’s the perfect time and a great opportunity. For God’s sake take it.


I second that, take a jump on the wave now before it’s passed.