Hey guys, I'm William


Maybe even with a new m1 ? :wink:


The wave will probably be here for a while as new mods come out specifically for the VR version I think.


It will be better if you can update a new video every week until we get the headset.

I see someone request in 8k vr group.

there any through the lens examples viewing a high-res 360 photo and video?


Hi William, we would appreciate if you could let us know if you are still planning to release a video on Skyrim, and if yes, when we can expect this to be released.


yes i would like that too…


Same here, some Skyrim impressions would be great!


I would like you to test lone echo with revive , we do not have any video of an Oculus game


The wave won’t be here for a while… It’s already passing. I see more and more people being sick of seeing skyrim posts… On reddit, on facebook…

The best time to post a skyrim 8k through the lens video is now behind us. And it’s a shame, really.

If it was my job to make through the lens videos i would upload daily.


Keep in mind William likely has other duties as well.


So there are problems with skyrim Vr on the pimax 8K?


So it seems - he was quite enthusiastic, then encountered substantial problems leading him to the conclusion that he needed to mod it, and now it appears as if he has effectively abandoned the Skyrim VR clip. It‘s pointless to speculate what the reasons for the apparently disappointing results are, whether it‘s related to the 8K or Skyrim VR… we have near to no information, so let‘s avoid projecting our fears yet another time. Time will tell.
I was saving Skyrim for the 8K. I will wait for another 4-6 weeks till we hear back from the reviewers (or if we haven‘t heard back after that time, it‘s clear that they reported substantial flaws). It is a lot of fun on the Rift too, and the upside of using the Rift is that I can utilize the Touch controllers, which seem to work better in Skyrim VR than the Vive wands.


It’s clear something happened. We will probably never know what.


The only thing we know is, that there was a “very dramatic situation”.
Maybe the wording is overblown, but I think this statement isn´t a good sign :worried:


I’m still waiting for a video of a game with Revive, that is not a video or showing an error.


Hi everyone, Pimax 8K works well on Skyrim VR, but Skyrim VR is not the best game to demonstrate 8K capabilities. I shot and edited 6 videos during this period, but I deleted them all because of the solution Very limited. This month I am helping to complete some other tasks, including moving the devices to a new presentation space, but I will make video whenever I can.

PS:I did not forget my mission【Every flight begins with a fall. 】


Many thanks for your statement!
Now I feel a little better :smiley:


I really like the new presentation space:) Sound foam looks great for VR environments too. Oculus use alot in their exhibition rooms. Cheers :beers:


Thanks for the feedback, William !

On the point about the Skyrim VR graphical quality - many of us, who play Skyrim, are aware of the limitations, it is a game originally released in 2011.

Nevertheless we would like to see how it looks like with the 8K, as we are currently using the Rift, Vive (Pro), WMD to play this game. Perhaps due to the missing level of detail the difference is not that dramatical, but that’s fine, at least the SDE should be much improved.
Any of us can easily temporarily switch off the mods on their PC and play the vanilla version, so we can compare it like for like.


Indeed it will just look like a xb360 game on the 8k. Instead of an xbox360 game on an 80s tube tv on the vive. Lol


I would like to hear more about it. It can mean anything