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That new room looks awesome!

@wormeaten posted this nice compare between vive (og) & samsung Odyssy. So an 8k vid here that covers the same idea would be great for DCS.

Digital Combat Simulator

When you have time of course.


Hi William, I just saw this video on youtube comparing several headsets with a “through the lens” approach… I think it was nicely done and shot and from a methodological point of view would be a good reference for future videos you shoot.

Thank you and keep up the good work!.


The idea of the video is good, but the execution is -in part- awful !

If he compares the screenshots, which is great, and then puts four columns for the 4 HMD’s on screen at the same time, which happens at the end of each shot, he should show the same part of the screen, e.g. the word “continue” in the Skyrim loading screen - you want to compare them but you only get four different parts of the screen not allowing the direct comparison as you would wish for it to happen.

And - either his Rift is broken, or he he “cleaned” it with a napkin soaked in butter. I own both Rift and Vive, and his shots from the Rift consistently show a very blurry picture. This is nowhere near reality. On the Elite cockpit scene, on the right hand side you have the shield percentage (98%). This is clearly better readable in a Rift as compared to the Vive. In this video though you would think he rather used a VFX1 than a Rift ! Goodness, what happened there ?? If he owns the headsets, he must notice that something went really really wrong, especially if the whole purpose of the video is to show off the display/lens quality of the different headsets…
If Elite and Skyrim looked like that on my Rift, it would have been sold by me 18 months ago…


So please make a video and show us. It would be interesting to see that.


Very interesting, I noticed on my Lenovo Explorer that the image quality was quite good, but had no idea it could compare so good against the Vive Pro and Samsung Odyssey displays…even the pixel matrix is quite good and has very low SDE.


Interesting video. I heard that the Oculus has very bad brightness, but I didn’t expect that it’s so bad that it looks even worse than the LCD display…

Hopefully Pimax 8k has a much better image quality than Oculus!


Hello William ! (or goodbye ?!?)

Are you still there? Are you still the responsible guy with what you said in the first post?

Considering that the last 8K video was made one month ago, and almost none of user’s requests were listened, what exactly were you supposed to do ?


Make an appearance. Keep us busy. Promise things. Never do them. Leave…


Do we know what lenses they were using for the existing videos


I would imagine they are waiting on the review samples to be ready befire doing too much more work on this


I have a lenovo too and bought an odyssey for comparison , the lenovo coulors are not quite as bright as the odyssey and sweetspot is smaller , but not such a great difference ( apart from ipd adjust ) ,
I sold the odyssey on


As an oculus owner, I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve never noticed it being an issue. That said I’ve heard the vive is much brighter.


Some have said the Odyssey has wider FOV than the other WMR headset, can you confirm ? Having used a number of headsets until now, both LCD and OLED, I don’t really see so much difference in the Lenovo display regarding colors, it seems reasonably bright and colorful to me, exept of course for the deeper blacks found in the OLED’s.


only a bit better FOV and if you reverse the head cushions of the lenovo you get the same FOV and a bigger sweetspot


Do you read any of the comments. That video is using a defective oculus. I have used the oculus, vive and PS4 and of the three, the oculus has the least SDE.
Colour is fine and god rays are far less noticeable than in that video.

I’m not expecting the Pimax to best the oculus in colour rendition or black performance but in terms of resolution and field of view.


Oculus Rift has a relatively dark OLED display, this has been proven (DocOck measured it). Just yesterday I read another Oculus user complaining, that his black levels are nowhere near “true black”. It’s a known issue. It may be extreme in the case of this video, but from what I’ve read it affects every Rift.

I hope that the Pimax 8k is better than this, because it would be serious downgrade from the HTC Vive, as anyone can see in this video. Actually they promised that the brightness will be at least on the level of a Oculus Rift.


William, you need to post more Pimax videos. Some of the guys here deserve, seem to want to feel the pain watching you play with their toy. They’re being asses.


What toy are you talking about ?


Hey, everyone, I’m back with through the lens videos of SkyrimVR and DCSWorld, and, of course, Onward. It’s been a long time since I left. I was busy helping out the team while they are working on the M1. I would like to let you know in advance that there will be a lot of black stripes in the video, because there is a gap between the refresh rate of my DV and that of the 5K version.


@DKruohuo Welcom back boss. Can you tell us what model you of the 8K are you using? V5? M1? Also what version of lenses V1/V2/V3? Cheers!