High Speed VR Link health issues


FROM : @Dan
“The issue is the common use and with 5G Wifi there is little escape 24/7
Body scanners are only “safe” in the way an Xray is “safe”.
You can’t say it does you damage but the operators have screen protection for a reason.
It is just accumulated radiation which can only be harmful.?”

Maybe so but my point is that you can’t compare 5Ghz to 60Ghz adverse effect
or not

“even using measuring equipment…and believe me…you would never love to stay for prolonged times near such things”

I believe you but unless you resident far from big cities background RF radiation is everywhere.


Agreed the tech is fairly new.

But in history we were once concerned with cell phone rf radiation & even had warnings about not touching the antennae.

But 60g wifi is a very strong signal indeed. Something of interest in that is that they have discovered if mem serves using either sonic or rf to seperate salt water into browns gas.


If you live in California you have warnings even about drinking water so although anecdotal it’s prove nothing :wink:


Well the residents if California know all things cause cancer.

Considering we are loaded with saltwater makes this interesting.


Base info I’ve found

Power Regulations Here are the power regulations for indoor devices:
Output power: max. 500 mW
Average EIRP: max. 40 dBm (10 W)
Peak EIRP: max. 43 dBm (20 W)