HMD / Base-Stations / Controllers - what will be sent?


I like many others have backed the Headset with Base-Stations and Controllers.
I once had to answer the question if i want to wait till all is ready to ship or receive more than one package if needed.

I haven´t seen any real information about this: Are the Stations and/or the controllers ready to ship when my HMD will be?

I´m asking @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR to give us a delivery schedule for the stations and the controllers just like you did with the HMD…

Thanks in advance


Only the headset will be delivered, unless you want to have everything together. The other components will be re-delivered in 2019…
So I had it read here.


Where do you read that?


Here in the forum. I do not have a link, but I can remember the statement very well :wink:

This is going to be the biggest problem (over a certain period of time) for those who do not have the htc vive or who do not have got the lighthouseboxes bought anywhere else.

In the meantime you can play without the base stations, but the pimax will only register your head movements.


good question beacause the base station of the vive are unavaible on the vive shop…and if we preorder a 5k+ or 8k it’s looks good to have the base stations with the headset …


That period is my concern…i really hope @PimaxVR or @Pimax-Support or @xunshu can give us more details on when they get produced and shipped out.
I can´t have the Pimax lying around and not be able to use it 6DOF.


Yeah, I was aiming to get the Vive V2 ones, but they are only being sold as part of the complete bundles for now :frowning:

I might jump on Ebay now and buy the original Vive, then stick that HMD on the wall, while I use its base stations and controllers with the 8K :slight_smile:


As i now understood, that the lighthouses arent build by Pimax but are directly from vive, there should be no delay in shipping them , right @Pimax-Support?


Running on Valve time… who knows.


… Soon©


Hi @BonBenE, sorry for the delay, as per the stations and the controllers, we are in the process of planning and will update more details through our official channels later. Please be advised and appreciate for your understanding.


Are you sure about them being built by Vive? Because I remember a rendered photo of the lighthouses showing them being customized to resemble the headset with the blue “V” on the front. I highly doubt Vive would be producing anything like that.


Firstly, this is a mock up. Secondly, it’s just a custom transparent front with a chevron


V1 and V2 lighthouses are delivered by valve to their partners, who then skin the outsides. I think valve at this point may have released the V1 spec for 3rd parties to make, but they are keeping the V2 in house still. As such, all 3rd parties have to wait for the V2 ‘guts’ from valve, and they’re slow. This is why you can only get V2 as a bundle from Vive or Pimax, and won’t be able to order individual extras for a while.

The original valve video showing development of the V1


When you say “we are in the process of planning”, does that mean base stations are not shipping in October as originally stated in your FAQ?


You are shipping now…what do these people get?
Only the HMD, right?

If i understand correctly, you have Basestations at your warehouses, is that correct?
You could ship them, right?


I guess it’s the headsets only at this time…


I guess so too, but there should be a reliable answer from Pimax


You are right, guessing is kinda pointless, but we (me) have nothing else.Also that xunshus post was quite self explanatory. They have ordered the tracker boxes, not that they got them.


Yeah, might have sound more pertly than needed. Wasn´t ment that way.
Still i´m longing for a answer from @Pimax-Support, if the stations have arrived yet or when they are expected to arrive. There´s gotta be some schedule.