HMD Cooling Fan - WHEN?



When will we get our Kickstarter bonus fan module?

I just tried to play Dirt Rally 2 and it’s just not possible. Within 30 sec of donning my K8, I’m dripping sweat inside my HMD (seriously). I need something to blow cool air through the headset. This is with a floor-standing fan blowing on me. My head is encased in foam from the HMD and my stereo headphones, so there’s very little air reaching my head and the heat build up is overwhelming.

Will I have to wait until October, when things cool down, to play in VR again?

Also very annoying: Apparently Dirt Rally 2 detects my headset (even when it’s off) and won’t let me play without it. Any ideas as to how I can switch it to non-VR mode?


I guess we have to wait for the big announcements Kevin has been teasing us about . I hope these announcements cover all Kickstarter bonuses and accessories we are waiting for .


Pimax is really missing it’s window of opportunity if it doesn’t send the rest of our gear soon .


Yeah, I’m pretty frustrated right now. It gets really hot in my 8K. It’s just too uncomfortable to use tonight (even with air conditioning).


It’s winter in Australia at the moment but I know what you mean . During summer I have the aircon blowing directly towards the spot where I am sitting .


I don’t think the fan attachment will do much to stop you sweating but it should stop the lenses from fogging up .


I use a thick Vive replacement foam and haven’t covered the nose area which helps a lot with the heat/fogging, though it means there’s light leakage when looking down (doesn’t bother me).


Cant see how they will attach a fan to the HMD with a cloth strap anyway, This HMD is not very well though out.
Its just like the lens frames you see on the kick-starter page, they have magnets, but I don’t see any magnets on the HMD.


I use the Vive n Chill fan attachment on my Pimax headset which is pretty similar to what we’d be getting from the Kickstarter rewards, but it doesn’t significantly reduce how much you’re going to sweat and doesn’t reduce the internal temperature of the headset.

Just don’t get your hopes high for it being a miracle solution.

I’m really hoping that someone in the community is designing a 3D printable gasket with air channels you can attach fans to to get cold air into the inside of the headset. I’ll take dry eyes over a sweaty face any day!




I have to have a small desk fan on every time I use the 5K otherwise it becomes too uncomfortable, even if the room is cooled by AC as well. At least the Vive DAS headphones don’t encase the ears like a pair of regular cans do which would make me overheat quickly.


so the vive n chill isn’t as effective as they otherwise advertise it to be…


I already have air channels. When I added a layer of double-sided Velcro to increase the facepad thickness, I left some ~2 cm gaps, which allows for a small amount of airflow, but I need a fan to move more air through the headset.

Thanks for the Vive n Chill info! It looks like I’d need a USB 2 to USB 3 adapter too. I like the design; Pimax should consider an OEM agreement, instead of designing their own fan module.


The problem is that, at least according to the guys from “Vive n Chill”, that using the Pimax’ ports introduces mechanical whine into the audio stream, when using the aux port at the same time. They recommend to use a powerbank instead of a port.

Has anyone checked the port with other devices? Never heard of that issue before :no_mouth:

Well, temperature barely cracks 25°C in summer here anyway. So I may as well not even need the fans.


Moved my fans from the HTC Vive :slight_smile:


That won’t bother me, at least for the time being, since I’m using a wireless audio headset.

As for the temperature, my office runs warm (due to PC and other equipment in use), even with the whole-house air conditioner.