HMD not tracking after update to Pitool FW 193



My setup is 2x give Light houses with rtx 2080 tiwith latest Nvidia drivers. I was previously on [Pitooll v1.0.1.95 FW 181] Which worked ok. After upgrading I can’t seem to ever get the HMD tracking.

I was able to get the HMD recognized if I turn off lighthouse tracking but then my controller and LH would not track. Once I turn the LH tracking I’m back to the HMD not tracking again.

I also tried to remove all Steam USB devices which made my HMD track but then again my controllers and LH were gone.

I went back to FW 181 and everything is back to normal. Any other ideas why the HMD isn’t tracking with the newer version?I tried moving to different USB ports on the new version but everything was recognized except the HMD didn’t track.