Horizontal Bar software glitch



Yes, I received the same answer today.


do you believe them?


Yes, I hope that they are right and this is a software glitch that can be cured through updates.

(although I still have one suggestion that this may be some kind of hardware malfunction. Although, in general, it manifests itself quite rarely in me. I hope this will not cause serious damage)


if your issue is the same as mine then switching away from 90hz and then back to 90 will cause the issue. going away from 90 will fix it again. Did you try this?


No, I recently noticed that I had a problem when switching from 80hz to 72hz.
At the same time, I found that I did not switch, as it was, and 80hz remained. The screen showed me a frozen rainbow.
I again pulled the lever at 72hz and everything became nomral.


I have forwarded this to the devs and they are having a look at this bug, thanks for your input guys. Very helpful!