Horizontal line on 5k+ please help



I received my Pimax 5k+ last 3 weeks. The image sharpness is better than my Acer WMR.

The cloth strap is more uncomfortable compare with WMR. I wear glasses, it’s hard to wear Headset with original face cushion. I solve this problem by paste my old WMR sponge to increase space between lenses and glasses. It looks ugly but can be used.

Another problem, There are horizontal line occur on left screen. First time it appear one green line, I try to plug in another display port. It works the green line disappear. I think I can solve this problem. But now, the horizontal line came back and the lines increase to 3-4 line red, green and black. Try to fix it in the same way many times, no luck the line still appear. How can I fix this?

@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen


My 5K+ developed the same problem yesterday. It has only been used for a few hours since I got it 3 weeks ago. I’ve already sent a support ticket. This needs to be replaced, unfortunately.


Hi Kitty added pokes to Dallas & Doman.

Are you a backer or pre order


Hello Heliosurge,
I am backer #5138.
Thank you. I will send message to Dallas & Doman. I try to create account and login, It seems that The support page doesn’t work.


3 week ago? May be it’s the same lot, I guess. :sweat:


I had a couple of graphics anomalies first day using 109. A horizontal blue line along the left side of the display and strange behavior in the display showing a view that looked like a strange mismatch horizontally in 2 or 3 sections would sometimes occur in an other instance. When I turned the Pimax off and on again things cleared up but returned on later play sessions or changing games.
I then went to the latest Nvidia driver and Ptool 111 beta. No such issues after that.


Thank you all for the response.
The Pimax support told me this issue need to replace a new one and I must sent the issue headset to the Pimax office in Shanghai.
I never sent the item overseas before. I’m trying to find the shipping company that is cheap and best. :sweat: