Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)



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Hi, after only a few weeks my 5k+ Headset that was in pristine condition when received developed cracks on the side of the front panel case. (in 3-4 places)

It was only slightly use and taken good care of and with not concussion event whatsoever. I firmly believe that the simple manipulation of the headset with our bare hands give to much pressure on some too critical join on the case. The plastic casing is simply too shallow in some place and the sharp angles are not a good design,

Seriously 0.65mm walls with unsupported plastic, I will glue back to small piece but please keep this in mind for your next case design



Yeah, I noticed cracks in mine today. No drops or nothing. Just holding it and putting it on the face. The casing plastic is terrible.


Mine is starting to crack as well. I couldn’t possibly treat my HMD any more gently. I literally handle it like an egg already knowing that the case is fragile and it still cracked. At this point, not sure it’s worth an RMA for this alone, but because I also have a few dead pixels on the left screen, maybe it’s time to RMA it. Only problem at this point is that I’m having major problems getting a picture of the dead pixels with my phone. Does anyone have any advice how to get clear enough pics of the screen using a phone? I’m using a Samsung S8.


Yeah same here. Am handling all kinds of headsets for years with utmost care and my 8K has severe cracks in 5 different places.
What’s the current procedure here? Open a ticket? Do we have to send it in first and then wait for replacement?


Send in a ticket or post details with support notified or tagged in the comment. They should get back to you with details about shipping your headset for return and when you ship it - send the tracking number to them and then they organise shipping of your replacement.

I’m sitting on mine at the moment as it has a crack but it is functional.


Same here not worth the effort but still it’s give sharp decline to headset value…


Yes it might be but I will be returning my headset in a few weeks anyway so no issue for me. I could remove the faceplate and repair it with epoxy but, I think RMA is probably the best bet and also helps Pimax in establishing QA accountability with their suppliers.


I reported my cracks months ago and have been offered replacement,but am holding of untill pimax is in a better situation to deal with RMA units and modifications to the case are done,im sure they will solve it at some point


same over here…


Ive been waiting to send my 5k in until they actually fix the problem.
Its not very reassuring to see more recent ones cracking.
My cracks have turned into holes now.
Ive got my 8k now so havent even been using the 5k for a couple week’s.
8k seems fine (for now) but plastic looks the same + just as thin.
I will send it back & wait for a new one but i want to see this issue fixed first with less brittle thicker plastic.
I dont want to be sending my next one back too.


Allow me to join the cracked case club. After only taking delivery about a week ago, and treating this headset like it’s a block of gold or my first child because of all the previous complaints, I noticed this today. Not good Pimax, what is the thin plastic case going to look like in 6 months?.. remember those “clean room” drop test pics in the development phase?..how could this be missed? And I am one of the last backers with a Model P2.

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I am quite frankly getting sick and tired of hearing about all these problems with the Pimax headset. It’s getting quite discouraging! My 5K+ arrived in the mail about a month ago, and is still unopened. I am seriously considering leaving it in the box and not even bothering with it. No point in opening and using this thing only to be hit with at least one of the many issues I’ve read about in the past few weeks.

I’ll just wait patiently for the 8K-X to drop and then send my 5K+ in when the time arrives.

Unbelievable. This is just getting out of hand. C’mon Pimax put some quality control into your products! It’s blatantly obvious you released these two headsets prematurely without enough testing.

Sorry for the rant but this is just getting ridiculous now.


Here’s my bandaid “solution” to stabilizing and I hope stop the cracks at the pressure points we touch while handling the headset. Yep, electrical tape.


I definitely agree they need to get on this housing issue. If the housing is “snapped” together there seems to be too much pressure by either too brittle if plastic & or tolerances do not allow for expansion.


As far as I can see there are two isues, the extreme thinness of the plastic at obvious pressure points as the user manipulates the headset in his hands like any headset, Rift Vive etc. (yea Pimax I guess you achieved a light hmd,but at this cost) and the poor edge to edge fit of the parts. Take a look at this manufacturing butcher job.


How is Pimax going to solve this case issue in the short term, other than a new manufacuring process of course which will take a lot of time considering Pimax’s known pace of turn around… Backers doing an RMA currently will just be sent the same type of faulty case to pray it too doesn’t fail. And so after more than a year, this product is still most certainly not ready for primetime from both a hardware and software perspective. I cannot recommend it period.

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Sitting on it may be the cause of the cracking perhaps? Sorry. Lol.


Certainly hope by then that they have solved the thin walled cracking issue, otherwise you’ll still be in the same boat.


Mine is so far so good for the last 4 weeks. Knocking on the wood…

However, it is true that it creates some cracking noice while trying adjusting the hmd in all direciton with headstraps.